Woman Visitor Caught with Illegal Drugs Filled in Bread in Davao City Jail

Woman Visitor in Davao City Jail Nabbed for Bread Filled with Illegal Drugs Police authorities arrested a woman visitor of Davao City jail after she allegedly attempted to smuggle bread filled with illegal drugs. Instead of sandwich spread, the bundle of bread that was attempted to be smuggled into a Davao City precinct was exposed … Read more

5 Sachets Illegal Drugs Hidden in a Bananas Seized in Davao City Jail

Davao City Jail Authorities Seized 5 Sachets of Illegal Drugs Hidden in Bananas Authorities have discovered 5 sachets of illegal drugs called ‘shabu’ hidden in a handful of bananas in Davao City Jail. According to a GMA News report, Davao City Jail employees uncovered five packets of purported shabu hidden within a handful of bananas. … Read more

Drone Camera to Smuggle Illegal Drugs Inside Davao City Jail Seized

Davao City Jail Seized Drone Camera Trying to Smuggle Illegal Drugs Davao City jail authorities intercepted a drone camera allegedly attempting to smuggle plastic sachets of illegal drugs inside the jail. The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BMJP) is looking into the alleged use of a drone camera to deliver illegal substances to the … Read more

35 Sachet of Drugs Filled in “Siling Labuyo” Seized From Davao Jail Visitor

Davao Jail Visitor Arrested After Caught with 35 Sachet of Drugs Filled in “Siling Labuyo” Authorities arrested a jail visitor in Davao City after he was caught with 35 sachets of illegal drugs filled inside “siling labuyo.” After attempting to smuggle illegal narcotics into the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) -11, a 40-year-old … Read more

Ball Thrown in Davao City Jail Found Filled with Illegal Drugs Inside

Ball Found Filled with Illegal Drugs After Thrown in Davao City Jail Male Dorm Davao City jail police discovered plastic sachets of suspected illegal drugs filled inside a ball after it was allegedly thrown inside the jail. A basketball was tossed on the roof of the Davao City Jail’s male dormitory by the alleged illegal … Read more

Delivery Rider Arrested Over Alleged Proliferation of Illegal Drugs in Davao City Jail

Delivery Rider

Cops Arrest Delivery Rider Over Attempt to Proliferate Illegal Drugs in Davao City Jail A food delivery rider has been arrested by the police authorities over alleged proliferation of illegal drugs in Davao City Jail. Food delivery employees has been also dubbed as frontliners for delivering food and working hard amid the coronavirus pandemic. The … Read more