5 Sachets Illegal Drugs Hidden in a Bananas Seized in Davao City Jail

Davao City Jail Authorities Seized 5 Sachets of Illegal Drugs Hidden in Bananas

Authorities have discovered 5 sachets of illegal drugs called ‘shabu’ hidden in a handful of bananas in Davao City Jail.

According to a GMA News report, Davao City Jail employees uncovered five packets of purported shabu hidden within a handful of bananas. A jail guard observed bananas laying on old tires opposite the search area at the Davao City Jail-Annex, according to BJMP Region XI.

Davao Jail Bananas Drugs

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The search squad discovered five packages of suspected shabu worth P45,000 when they searched the banana. Authorities are trying to figure out who left it and who should get it.

Several drug suspects have tried to transport illicit substances by concealing them among precious items in order to evade detection. Some others attempted to conceal the illicit substances in meals, consumable products, and even electrical devices.

Meanwhile, a guy was caught when an illicit substance reportedly slipped from his face mask after he was chastised for not wearing it in public. While executing an anti-criminality operation, the policemen recognized the suspect and approached him.

They were approaching the suspect, according to the report, to scold him for not wearing a face mask and smoking in a public place. However, the suspect fled when he noticed the cops.

Authorities in the city, on the other hand, cornered him. The guy reportedly dropped two grams of shabu worth P13,600 when the cops inspected his face mask.

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