Father’s Determination to Rebuild Family Home After Fire Inspires Netizens

Father's Determination

Heartwarming Story of Father’s Determination to Rebuild Family Home After Fire Earns Praises Online HEARTWARMING STORY – A father’s determination to rebuild their family after being destroyed by fire inspires the online community. Ann Silvino, a netizen, recently shared a heartwarming story about her father, Antonio, and his dedication to rebuilding their family home after … Read more

Dad Hits TikToker Daughter for Dancing Next To Him

TikToker Daughter

TikToker Daughter Received Blow From Dad for Dancing Next To Him TIKTOKER GETS BLOWN – A hot-headed dad hits his teenage daughter who is dancing next to him for content. In recent years, TikTok has taken the world by storm, quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of users worldwide. What … Read more

Xander Ford Shares His Dad Has Severe Arthritis “PAPA KAHIT ANONG MANG YARI KAPIT KALANG”

Xander Ford

Xander Ford Expresses Sadness As He Reveals His Dad’s Illness The internet personality Xander Ford has shared that his father has severe arthritis “PAPA KAHIT ANONG MANG YARI KAPIT KALANG” Xander Ford, also known as Marlou Arizala, is a well-known personality in the Philippines for his efforts in acting, performing, and social media. When his … Read more

Young Girl Scolds Dad Who Pretends to be Drunk: “Kakacellphone at kakainom mo yan”

Young Girl

Young Girl Reprimands Father During “Lasing Prank” KAKACELLPHONE AT KAKAINOM MO YAN – A young girl captured the hearts of the netizens after scolding her own dad who pretended to be drunk. The video shared by mother Jeannilie Sevilla featuring her 4-year-old child seemingly lecturing his father who pretended to be drunk goes viral and … Read more

Desperate Son Stabs Dad For Refusing to Buy Him Motorcycle

Desperate Son

Desperate Son Stabs His Own Father For Refusing to Buy Him Motorcycle GENERAL SANTOS CITY – A desperate son stabbed his own father for refusing to buy him a motorcycle. Acts of violence and aggression towards family members, especially parents, are unfortunately not uncommon. Such incidents can be devastating for the entire family, causing physical … Read more

1-Year-Old Baby Suffers Blood Clot After Beat by Own Dad

Abusive Dad

Heartless Dad Beats 1-Year-Old Son, Baby Boy Suffers Blood Clot A one-year-old baby suffered a blood clot after he was beaten by his own father in Purok Nangka in Compostela, Cebu. A baby boy suffered hematoma and wounds after he was mauled by his own father. The poor kid suffered a blood clot in his … Read more