Bacolod City Updates On PUIs Left For COVID-19


Bacolod City Updates On PUIs Left For COVID-19 BACOLOD CITY – The City Health Office (CHO) of Bacolod City said that there is only one PUI remaining for the COVID-19. In our previous report dated February 5, we mentioned that the capital city of Negros Occidental has three persons under investigation (PUIs) for the 2019 … Read more

DOH Breaks Silence On Report that Coronavirus Can Be “Airborne”

DOH Secretary Francisco Duque

DOH Reacts To Report Tagging Coronavirus As “Airborne” DOH – The Department of Health broke its silence on the report that the novel coronavirus can be “airborne”. Currently, one of the topics that is widely talked about almost everywhere is the novel coronavirus. It is the viral disease that was initially recorded in Wuhan City … Read more

108 Chinese Under Monitoring in Boracay Amid Coronavirus Threat

Chinese Under Monitoring in Boracay

NCOV Task Force Confirms 108 Chinese Under Monitoring in Boracay Amid Threat of Coronavirus CHINESE UNDER MONITORING IN BORACAY – The NCOV Task Force confirmed that 108 Chinese are under monitoring in the island. The authorities are tightly guarding not only the points of entries in the Philippines but as well as the foreigners in … Read more

Tracing of People w/ Contact To Coronavirus Patients in Dumaguete Ends

Tracing of People

Tracing of People in Dumaguete w/ Contact to Chinese Couple Who Tested Positive for Coronavirus Done TRACING OF PEOPLE – The tracing of the individuals in Dumaguete who had contact with a Chinese couple who are positive for coronavirus ended. Three (3) Chinese tested positive for novel coronavirus in the Philippines. Two (2) of them, … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: China Coronavirus Cases Exceeds 40,000 Now

China Coronavirus Cases

More than 40,000 China Coronavirus Cases Confirmed! CHINA CORONAVIRUS CASES – The National Health Commission (NHC) recorded more than 40,000 confirmed cases of nCoV in China. The novel coronavirus held Wuhan City in China under a lock-down. It is where the said rampant disease was first recorded. Also called as nCoV, the novel coronavirus is … Read more

36 Chinese Denied of Entry To Manila Amid Coronavirus Travel Ban

36 Chinese Denied of Entry at NAIA 1, Manila

Authorities Deny 36 Chinese of Entry To Manila Amid Travel Ban to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus 36 Chinese nationals were denied of entry to Manila by the Philippine immigration officers amid the travel ban to curb the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus. Several countries are now on a tough fight against the spread … Read more

Las Piñas Reacts To Rumored Hospital Lockdown Due To nCoV Patient

Las Piñas City

Las Piñas Breaks Silence on Rumors It Locked Down A Hospital Because of nCoV Patient LAS PIÑAS – The city government reacted to its rumored locking down of a hospital because of a novel coronavirus (nCoV) patient. The Philippines is one of the countries with confirmed cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus, a disease that … Read more

Person From Hong Kong Seeks Help After Experiencing Coronavirus Signs

Person From Hong Kong in Negros Occidental

Coronavirus Symptoms Exhibited by Person From Hong Kong PERSON FROM HONG KONG – An individual who just came from Hong Kong sought the help of the Negros Occidental Provincial Government after experiencing the signs of novel coronavirus. More than 100 people are now under strict monitoring in the Philippines for suspected novel coronavirus. The country … Read more

26-Year-Old Mother & Baby Quarantine for Suspected nCoV in Visayas

Mother and Baby Coronavirus Suspected Cases

Suspected nCoV Cases Include 26-Year-Old Mother & Baby Quarantine in Visayas MOTHER & BABY QUARANTINE – A 26-year-old woman and her baby are under quarantine in Visayas for suspected coronavirus (nCoV) cases. The Philippines is one of the countries that are closely monitoring the 2019 novel coronavirus. There are three (3) confirmed cases in the … Read more