Tracing of People w/ Contact To Coronavirus Patients in Dumaguete Ends

Tracing of People in Dumaguete w/ Contact to Chinese Couple Who Tested Positive for Coronavirus Done

TRACING OF PEOPLE – The tracing of the individuals in Dumaguete who had contact with a Chinese couple who are positive for coronavirus ended.

Three (3) Chinese tested positive for novel coronavirus in the Philippines. Two (2) of them, the first and second confirmed cases, are a couple from Wuhan City, the epicenter of the outbreak in China.

The first confirmed case of nCoV in the Philippines is a 38-year-old Chinese woman. She was admitted to San Lazaro Hospital in Manila together with her partner, a 44-year-old Chinese man, last January 25.

A few days later, the Chinese man passed away. He was the first death case outside China. His remains have already been laid to rest as previously confirmed by the Department of Health (DOH) but the details were kept confidential.

Upon the confirmation that the Chinese woman’s positive for novel coronavirus, the authorities started to trace the people they had contact with. It is in line with the move to curb the spread of the disease.

The Chinese couple who tested positive for coronavirus visited Cebu and Dumaguete City. Recently, an update regarding the contact tracing in Negros Oriental crossed the surface.

Tracing of People
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Based on a post of DYHB Bacolod, the tracing of the people who had contact with the coronavirus patients when they were in Dumaguete has ended. The authorities were able to trace all 82 individuals they had close contact with.

According to the post, it was Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo who confirmed that eight (8) of these people are considered as patients under investigation (PUIs) and five (5) already tested negative for nCoV.

The Governor is grateful that the employees of the resort the coronavirus patients visited were not infected by the disease. The CCTV system installed in the city has been a great help in the contact tracing.

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