108 Chinese Under Monitoring in Boracay Amid Coronavirus Threat

NCOV Task Force Confirms 108 Chinese Under Monitoring in Boracay Amid Threat of Coronavirus

CHINESE UNDER MONITORING IN BORACAY – The NCOV Task Force confirmed that 108 Chinese are under monitoring in the island.

The authorities are tightly guarding not only the points of entries in the Philippines but as well as the foreigners in the country who had travel histories to China. It is amid the threat of the novel coronavirus.

The novel coronavirus which was initially recorded in Wuhan, China placed the city under an outbreak. At least 900 people died in China due to the said disease.

Several countries have imposed travel bans amid the coronavirus outbreak in China. One of these countries is the Philippines.

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Photo Source: Manila Bulletin

The Philippines got three (3) confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. All patients came from China and one of them passed away. The 44-year-old Chinese man was the first death case outside China due to nCoV.

Amid the threat of coronavirus, there are several Chinese people who remained in the country. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, 108 Chinese are now under monitoring in Boracay.

According to Madel Tayco of the NCOV Task Force-Boracay, these 108 Chinese exhibit no symptoms of nCoV but they are monitored closely. Tayco stressed that there is no confirmed case of nCoV in the tourist spot.

Also, based on the report, Tayco clarified that there is also no person under investigation in Boracay for suspected coronavirus case. Some Chinese establishments in the tourist spot have decided to temporarily close due to the travel ban.

Malay, Aklan Mayor Frolibar Bautista released an executive order to temporarily deny entry to tourists from China, Hong Kong, and Macau. The government is now discussing the plan for the displaced workers amid the island losing customers due to the situation.

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