Senators Criticized MMDA for Penalizing Group Helping Protect Manila Bikers

Senators Criticized MMDA for Charging Biker Group for Placing Plastic Bottles in Commonwealth Several Senators criticized Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for penalizing the biker group who help to protect Manila bikers. On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, Senators criticized the MMDA after they removed the makeshift bike lane barriers placed by group of bikers to … Read more

Makeshift Bike Lane Barriers Along Commonwealth Avenue Removed by MMDA

MMDA Removes Makeshift Bike Lane Barriers Placed Along Commonwealth Avenue Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) removes the makeshift barriers for bike lane made by concerned bike groups. The improvised bike lane, which used orange-colored plastic bottles was made by cycling advocacy group “Bikers United Marshalls” placed along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon was removed by the MMDA. … Read more

Commuters Along Commonwealth Avenue Lack Of Discipline On Waiting Public Vehicles


Commuters Along Commonwealth Avenue Lack Discipline On Waiting Public Vehicles The photos showing how the commuters along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City were lack of discipline while waiting for public utility vehicles. Nowadays, riding on public jeepneys and buses are the most popular ways of transportation to reach their destinations here in the Philippines. Commuters are … Read more

Motorist caught violating traffic rules in Commonwealth Avenue reached to 7,000

Commonwealth Avenue

7,000 motorist and public utility drivers have been caught on the camera violating various traffic rules along the Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. It was according to The Metropolitan Manila development Authority. In Commonwealth Avenue were lane segregation and 60 kilometer per hour speed limit is implemented most of the violations came from this rule. … Read more