Vilma Santos Receives Offer To Run In The 2025 Elections

vilma santos

Vilma Santos misses being in the world of politics Star for all Seasons Vilma Santos revealed that she received an offer to run for representative in the 2025 elections. Vilma is one of the most prominent showbiz personalities in the Philippines. She has proven her acting ability several times and the younger generation of artists … Read more

Lotlot de Leon & Biological Father Reunited In Zambales

Lotlot de Leon, Donald 2

Lotlot de Leon Shares Photo Of Her W/ Biological Father LOTLOT DE LEON – Veteran actress Lotlot de Leon reunites with her biological father Donald in Zambales. All of Nora Aunor’s children, including her biological son with her ex-husband Christopher de Leon, Ian de Leon, entered the entertainment industry. Ian is an actor. Lotlot de … Read more

Lovi Poe Gives Rare Interview, Talks About Mom Rowena Moran

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Lovi Poe Talks About Mom Rowena Moran In Rare Interview LOVI POE – Kapamilya actress Lovi Poe talked about her mom Rowena Moran in rare interview. Lovi Poe is frequently questioned in interviews about her father, “Da King” Fernando Poe Jr. But this time, she honors her mother, who raised her by herself and helped … Read more

VIDEO: Vilma Santos Dances To ‘Ting Ting Tang Ting’

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Vilma Santos Dances To ‘Ting Ting Tang Ting’ W/ Christopher De Leon, Tirso Cruz III, Edgar Mortiz VILMA SANTOS – The video of Vilma Santos doing the ‘Ting Ting Tang Ting’ dance craze went viral on social media. Vilma Santos began her career as a child actor when she was nine years old. Throughout her … Read more

Matet De Leon’s Selfie Elicits Reaction From Claudine Barretto

Matet de Leon, Claudine Barretto

Here’s Claudine Barretto’s Reaction To Matet de Leon’s Selfie MATET DE LEON – Filipino actress, singer, and entrepreneur Claudine Barretto reacted to Matet de Leon’s selfie. Matet De Leon is a Pinay actress and entrepreneur. She began her career as a child star. The actress was adopted by “Superstar” Nora Aunor and ex-husband, actor Christopher … Read more

Matet de Leon Talks About Reconciliation W/ Nora Aunor

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Matet de Leon Mends Rift W/ Mom Nora Aunor MATET DE LEON – Actress and entrepreneur Matet de Leon talked about her reconciliation with mom Nora Aunor. Nora Aunor is one of the most well-known actresses in Philippine entertainment. She attained the title as the Philippines’ Superstar. She produced numerous films that left an industry-wide … Read more

Lotlot de Leon Reveals Real Relationship with Mom Nora Aunor

Lotlot de Leon, Nora Aunor

Are Lotlot de Leon, Nora Aunor in Good Terms or Not? LOTLOT DE LEON – The actress made a clarification on her relationship with her adoptive mother, Philippines’ Superstar Nora Aunor. All the children of Superstar Nora Aunor entered the showbiz industry, Ian de Leon, her biological son with ex-husband Christopher de Leon, is an … Read more