Lovi Poe Gives Rare Interview, Talks About Mom Rowena Moran

Lovi Poe Talks About Mom Rowena Moran In Rare Interview

LOVI POE – Kapamilya actress Lovi Poe talked about her mom Rowena Moran in rare interview.

Lovi Poe is frequently questioned in interviews about her father, “Da King” Fernando Poe Jr. But this time, she honors her mother, who raised her by herself and helped to mold her into the confident, truthful, and sensible person she is today.

Kapamilya reporter Bernadette Sembrano spent a day with Lovi in a recent vlog. She saw that it was crammed with promotional guest appearances and photo shoots for FPJ’s Batang Quiapo. Nonetheless, she also saw the Supreme Actress’s composure and friendliness among the usual mayhem of such productions.

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After greetings, Bernadette Sembrano enquired as to what led Lovi Poe to choose ABS-CBN when it was being denied franchise in the midst of a pandemic. The actress responded that she had confidence in the projects she had planned, although not knowing she would be acting in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, which is based on her father’s movie. She was certain that she wanted to collaborate with Coco Martin, who views her father as a role model in the business.

The beautiful actress has been a Kapamilya for more than a year, and she is learning a lot about her father through the individuals she worked with. She said that her new series’ co-stars, such Charo Santos and Christopher de Leon, would share their favorite memories of her father. She also learns more about him as a result of their shared stories.

Despite the fact that she wasn’t very close to FPJ as a child because she was raised by her mother Rowena Moran, a former actress, model, and beauty queen, alone, Lovi is proud to be the daughter of Fernando.

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Lovi Poe acknowledges that one of their shared traits is that both she and her mother value their privacy. “She’s always there but she doesn’t want to be seen in public,” shared Lovi. “Like, mga screenings ko, nahihiya siya. She’s very private talaga,” she said.

“She’s not kikay. She’s very beautiful, she rarely puts make up. She’s very elegant, very classy. Make her wear anything, she’s going to look like a queen,” Lovi talks about her mom, who instilled in her the values of decency and consideration for others, and whose kind ways she aspires to imitate.

Lovi sees her as an example of grace and courage, “I know she did her best. Lumaki ako na siya lang talaga ‘yung kasama ko. I would like to say that I was raised by a single mother and I’m grateful for that and I’m proud of that.” She continued, “And that’s why I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today if it wasn’t for her…So thank you, mom. Thank you, mom, talaga… Nagba-bow ako sa lahat ng single moms ‘cause I know how hard it is. I’m a certain way because of her.”

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