POGO Kidnapping Suspects Arrested After Scolded in No-Parking Zone

Kidnapping of POGO Worker Failed After Suspects Parked at No-Parking Zone A kidnapping attempt against a Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) worker failed after the suspects were scolded at the no-parking zone. A Chinese man was freed after he was allegedly kidnapped by two other Chinese and two Filipinos. This occurred after the victim requested … Read more

Drunk Chinese National Runs Amok, Attacks Taxi Drivers

Drunk Chinese National Allegedly Runs Amok and Attacks Taxi Drivers Authorities arrested a Chinese national who has drunk allegedly after he allegedly runs amok and attacked taxi drivers. An intoxicated Chinese national was brought to the Manila Police District (MPD) headquarters. This after two taxi drivers alleged that the foreigner attacked them while on the … Read more

Chinese National Arrested for Recruiting Women to Do Live Shows

Chinese National Offering P100k to Women to Do Live Shows Arrested Police authorities arrested a Chinese National for allegedly recruiting women to do live shows and pimping them in Parañaque City. A Chinese national was arrested in Parañaque City during an entrapment operation for supposedly recruiting models for a photo shoot but turned out to … Read more

10 Fake NBI Agents Nabbed for Illegal Detention, Attempted Robbery

10 Fake NBI Agents Charged with Illegal Detention, Attempted Robbery Authorities arrested 10 fake agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and charged them with illegal detention and attempted robbery. Ten men who claimed to be NBI agents were detained in connection with an attempted robbery and serious illegal detention reported by a resident … Read more

Chinese National, Pinoy Bodyguard Nabbed for Carnapping in Parañaque

Parañaque Cops Arrest Chinese National, Pinoy Bodyguard Over Carnapping Case Police arrested a Chinese national and his Pinoy bodyguard over a carnapping case and caught with illegal firearms in Parañaque City. At a terminal, Parañaque City Police apprehended a Chinese national businessman and his Filipino bodyguard. This comes after the two were linked to carnappings … Read more

Chinese National Nabbed After Caught with Fake Antigen Test Kits

Chinese National Owning Fake Antigen Test Kits Arrested Police authorities arrested a Chinese national after he was caught with fake antigen test kits inside his warehouse in San Miguel, Manila. After detecting phony rapid antigen test kits in his possession, the foreign individual was detained by the Bureau of Customs (BOC). Aside from that, he … Read more

Chinese National Kidnaps Fellow Countrymen in Pasay City

Chinese National

Chinese National Kidnaps Fellow Countrymen in Pasay City A Chinese national reportedly kidnapped his fellow countrymen in Pasay City to ask ransom money from the victim’s kins. Over the past few decades, the rate of criminality continues to increase not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. Several criminals … Read more

6 Pasay Police Dismissed for Releasing Chinese with Multiple Violations

6 Pasay Police who Released Chinese National with Multiple Violations Dismissed Six (6) members of the Pasay City Police have been dismissed from service after they released a Chinese national with multiple violations. The officers were from the Pasay City police’s Sub-Station 10. According to the report, they were arrested and sacked after reportedly releasing … Read more

Another Chinese National Suspect on Vax-for-Sale Modus Nabbed – NBI

NBI Arrest Another Chinese National Over Alleged Vax-for-Sale Modus Personnel of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has arrested another Chinese national over alleged vax-for-sale modus operandi. According to the NBI, a Chinese national named Xiao Shi, also known as Feng Wang Qun, is being held in custody in Manila for allegedly selling a COVID-19 … Read more

Chinese National Suspected Fixer of Vaccine Slots Arrested by NBI

NBI Arrest a Chinese National Alleged Suspect Behind the Sale of Vaccine Slots The personnel of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has arrested a Chinese national who was allegedly behind the sale of the vaccine slots for COVID-19. A Chinese national was reportedly collecting payments from other foreigners, predominantly Chinese, in exchange for coronavirus … Read more