Cherie Gil Death After One Month Reunites Gil-Eigenmann Clan

Cheri Gil

The Gil-Eigenmann clan gathered together one month after Cherie Gil died and it was led by Michael De Mesa. CHERIE GIL – Well-loved “kontrabida” Cherie Gil died at the age of 59 and just recently, her family gathered for her. Evangeline Rose Gil Eigenmann or the well-loved actress known as Cherie Gil died in a … Read more

Cherie Gil Daughter Bianca Partying After Her Death?

Cherie Gil Daughter

Bianca Rogoff, the daughter of Cherie Gil, slammed this comment about her going to a party. CHERIE GIL – Quintessential Kontrabida Cherie Gil passed away and her daughter was spotted partying shorty after. La Primera Contravida actress Cherie Gil died at 59 years old and she died because of cancer. She decided not to let the … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Cherie Gil Dies At 59, Annabelle Rama Confirms

Cherie Gil

Iconic actress Cherie Gil dies today at 5 P.M., and Annabelle Rama confirmed this in a post. CHERIE GIL – Veteran actress Cherie Gil died according to Annabelle Rama and this has brought extreme sadness to many people. In a post on social media, Annabelle Rama asked her followers to pray for iconic actress Cherie … Read more