Netizens Want Senator Padilla to Resign for Insisting Cha-Cha

Netizens’ Call for Senator Robin Padilla to Resign Goes Viral The netizens are calling for Senator Robin “Robinhood” Padilla to resign for insisting charter changer (cha-cha) goes viral. Padilla’s position as a lawmaker is being called into question by Twitter users. This is because of the Charter Alteration he is advocating. Previously, the actor-politician stated … Read more

Sen Robin Padilla to Resign if Cha-cha Would be Set Aside

Sen Robin Padilla Would Choose to Resign Rather Than Set Aside Cha-cha Senator Robinhood “Robin” Padilla would choose to resign from the Senate rather than set aside the Charter Change or Cha-cha. Padilla stated that he would rather resign than abandon his efforts to modify the Charter. It is suggested that the Senator simply retire … Read more

Bongbong Marcos Reveals Stand on Cha-Cha

Bongbong Marcos

Will Pres. Bongbong Marcos Prioritize Cha-Cha under his Term? BONGBONG MARCOS – The Philippine President revealed his stand on Charter Change or Cha-Cha amid several political personalities pushing for it. The current administration is currently on its first year and a lot of transitions are happening in the government. Several public agencies have a change … Read more

Robin Padilla Wants To Head Constitutional Amendments Committee in Senate

Robin Padilla

Robin Padilla Asks to be on Committee on Constitutional Amendments ROBIN PADILLA – The actor-turned-Senator eyes to lead the Committee on Constitutional Amendments in the Senate. The winning senators of the Elections 2022 have already been proclaimed. Although they were not in ranks then, senator-elect Robin Padilla hooked attention for the high votes he garnered … Read more

Duterte Warns Next President To Push for Charter Change Early

Pres. Duterte Speaks About Charter Change DUTERTE – Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte warned the next chief executive of the country to push for the charter change early. In less than two (2) months, Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte will be stepping down as the chief executive of the country. His administration focused on the fight … Read more