Netizens Want Senator Padilla to Resign for Insisting Cha-Cha

Netizens’ Call for Senator Robin Padilla to Resign Goes Viral

The netizens are calling for Senator Robin “Robinhood” Padilla to resign for insisting charter changer (cha-cha) goes viral.

Padilla’s position as a lawmaker is being called into question by Twitter users. This is because of the Charter Alteration he is advocating. Previously, the actor-politician stated that he had many fellow legislators who will support him.

He described it as shocking and stated that this is no longer the current scenario in the Senate. Simultaneously, they collaborated on marketing Cha-Cha with Ormoc Congressman Richard Gomez.

Senator Padilla Resign

Before the Cha-Cha incident, Robin was heavily involved in the push for federalism. The novice legislator stated on Monday that he does not regard Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri’s statement as an obstacle to the Senate panel’s public hearings on constitutional changes and code modification.

Padilla is the Senate’s major proponent of Cha-cha and the panel’s chairperson. Zubiri previously stated that there are not enough senators in the Senate to tip the scales in favor of amending or revising the 1987 Constitution.

Senator Risa Hontiveros, on the other hand, believes the Charter revision will simply exacerbate the country’s critical difficulties. Foreign ownership is not required for investments, according to Hontiveros’s statement.

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