Candy Pangilinan Shows How She Handles Quentin’s Tantrums

Candy Pangilinan

Mom to a neurodivergent child, Candy Pangilinan shares a piece of her life when Quentin threw a fit. CANDY PANGILINAN – Actress-comedian Candy Pangilinan shares a piece of her life dealing with both meltdown and tantrums at the same time. At 9 months old, Candy Pangilinan noticed the difference between her child, Quentin, with other … Read more

Candy Pangilinan Receives Surprise From Son Quentin

Candy Pangilinan

In a double celebration, son of Candy Pangilinan did this for her. CANDY PANGILINAN – Comedienne and actress Candy Pangilinan receives this surprise from her son for her birthday and mother’s day celebration. A person with special needs is the son of Candy Pangilinan whom many people know as Quentin. Through Toni Talks, the vlog … Read more

Toni Gonzaga Emotional Over Candy Pangilinan’s Confessions

Toni Gonzaga Candy Pangilinan

As a mother of a child with special needs, these experiences of Candy Pangilinan turned Toni Gonzaga emotional. TONI GONZAGA – Here’s a story of how far Candy Pangilinan did for her child Quentin and their story that made Toni Gonzaga cry. Tracing back to her married life, actress and comedienne Candy Pangilinan revealed that … Read more