4 Victims of Fake CFO Certificates Intercepted at Airports – BI

BI Intercepted 4 Victims of Fake CFO Certificates at 2 International Airports The Bureau of Immigration (BI) intercepted four (4) victims of fake Commission on Filipinos Overseas-Guidance and Counseling Program (CFO-GCP) certificates at the airports. At a press conference on Tuesday, May 9, BI Spokesperson Dana Sandoval stated that such credentials are required by the … Read more

Immigration Officer Sacked After Involved in Human Trafficking – BI

Immigration Officer who Helps Human Trafficking Sacked from Service The Bureau of Immigration (BI) sacked an officer after allegedly helping in the departure of human trafficking victims. According to Immigration Commissioner Norman Tansingco, a male immigration officer facilitated the departure of a couple who were reported to be victims of trafficking in Myanmar. The officer … Read more

2 Wanted Korean Nationals Arrested in Cavite to be Deported

2 Wanted Korean Nationals to be Deported After Being Arrested in Cavite Personnel of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) arrested two (2) wanted Korean nationals and will deport them from the country. The BI will deport two wanted Koreans who were recently apprehended in Cavite. According to BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco, Bae Byungchan, 37, and … Read more

South Korean Wanted of Swindling Arrested by BI in CDO

BI Arrested a South Korean National Wanted of Swindling in CDO The personnel of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) arrested a South Korean national who is allegedly wanted for swindling in Cagayan de Oro (CDO). The BI detained a Korean person in 2017 on suspicion of fraud against fellow Koreans. The fugitive is also living … Read more

Senegalese Man Arrested by BI for Presenting Fake Passport

BI Nabbed a Senegalese Man for Presenting Fake Passport The Bureau of Immigration (BI) arrested a Senegalese man for allegedly presenting fake passport to the authorities. After showing a falsified passport and border arrival stamp, BI agents handcuffed a visitor from Senegal. The 37-year-old Senegalese requested for a tourist visa extension earlier this month, according … Read more

5 Human Trafficking Victims Going to Singapore Intercepted by BI

BI Intercepted 5 Filipino Human Trafficking Victims Allegedly Going to Singapore The Bureau of Immigration (BI) intercepted five (5) Filipinos who are allegedly victims of human trafficking going to Singapore. According to BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco, BI officers at Davao International Airport prevented five Filipinos from boarding their flight to Singapore on suspicion that they … Read more

Call Center Agents Suffer Physical Abuse from Human Traffickers – BI

BI Reveals Call Center Agents Victimized by Human Trafficking Suffers Physical Abuse The Bureau of Immigration (BI) revealed that call center agents victimized by human trafficking suffered physical abuse. According to BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco, the most recent group of repatriates are all victims of human trafficking who were famished and tortured by their employers … Read more

Senator Revilla Slams Immigration: “Mag-resign nalang kayo!”

Senator Bong Revilla Slams Immigration Over Viral Offload Incident Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla slammed the officials of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) due to the viral offload incident. Following the viral unloading event at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the Senator chastised the BI (NAIA). In a viral video on social media, a Filipina traveler on … Read more

Cham Tanteras Seeks Financial Damages From Bureau Of Immigration Over Missed Flight

Cham Tanteras Requests Financial Damages From The Bureau of Immigration (BI) Due To Missed Flight CHAM TANTERAS – Freelance writer Cham Tanteras requests compensation from the Bureau of Immigration (BI) for a missed flight. A Filipina traveler who missed her flight as a result of a lengthy interview with an immigration officer has requested compensation … Read more

Yearbook Photos are Not Needed at the Airport – BI

Immigration Yearbook Photo

BI Clarifies that Yearbook Photos are Not Needed at the Airport The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has clarified that travelers do not need to bring yearbook photos to the airport The BI stated on Friday, March 17, that passengers no longer need to bring a yearbook photo to prove their educational accomplishments while traveling overseas. … Read more