Cham Tanteras Seeks Financial Damages From Bureau Of Immigration Over Missed Flight

Cham Tanteras Requests Financial Damages From The Bureau of Immigration (BI) Due To Missed Flight

CHAM TANTERAS – Freelance writer Cham Tanteras requests compensation from the Bureau of Immigration (BI) for a missed flight.

A Filipina traveler who missed her flight as a result of a lengthy interview with an immigration officer has requested compensation from the Bureau of Immigration (BI).

In response to the BI’s apologies on its Facebook page, Cham Tanteras stated on Friday that she had written the bureau a letter requesting it to accept responsibility for the financial losses the incident caused her because she had to book another ticket. “I also commented on BI’s FB post reminding them to respond to my complaint letter via email and take accountability for the financial damages. More than the P19,000, I will be more than happy if BI will take action specifically on Officer Abdullah,” Cham said, referring to the IO who conducted the secondary interview before her flight.

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Based on a report from Philstar, Cham Tanteras’ airfare to Israel cost P19,000. She spent an additional P27,000 to reserve a later flight with a different airline. She clarified that she was not questioned on unrelated matters at the NAIA immigration counter.

Contrary to the BI’s earlier assertion that she was “asked numerous questions which she deemed irrelevant,” she said that she was only requested to submit her yearbook during her secondary interview in the BI office at the airport.

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Cham Tanteras continued by saying she had no problems with the first immigration officer who spoke with her. “If you have a CCTV, it will show that I showed my phone to Officer Abdullah my wacky grad pic after being asked (for) my yearbook. It will also show how he grabbed my phone to check my emails to make sure I was the one who booked my flight despite having a printed copy of my booking confirmation,” she said.

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