Anne Patricia Lorenzo Old Post About BBM Criticized by Netizens

Anne Patricia Lorenzo Criticized after Old Post Praising BBM Resurface Online Miss Q&A Kween of the Multibeks Anne Patricia Lorenzo was criticized online by the netizens after her old post about President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (BBM) resurface. On social media, Lorenzo’s response to the claim that the electorate lacks the knowledge necessary to select … Read more

Anti-Marcos Netizen Switches to Pro-Marcos, Here’s the Reason

Netizen Shares Reason Why She Switches from Anti-Marcos to Pro-Marcos A netizen who was allegedly an Anti-Marcos before revealed her reason why she switches and become a Pro-Marcos citizen. A Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. supporter came under fire After an old post criticizing the former first lady Imelda Marcos appeared on social media. Thea Tan, … Read more

Batangas Gov Chastised Over People Power Post Even He’s Pro-Marcos

Pro-Marcos Batangas Gov Criticized Online for Celebrating People Power Anniversary Batangas Gov Hermilando ‘Dodo’ Mandanas chastised online after posting the EDSA People Power Revolution anniversary despite being pro-Marcos. On Friday, February 25, the Batangas Governor was chastised on social media over a Facebook post expressing support for the 36th anniversary of the EDSA People Power … Read more

Silent Sanctuary Canceled by Kakampinks for Support to Marcos-Duterte

Kakampinks Canceled Silent Sanctuary for Supporting Marcos-Duterte Famous Filipino band Silent Sanctuary got canceled by the supporters of Leni Robredo or Kakampinks for supporting the Marcos-Duterte tandem. Supporters of presidential candidate and Vice President Leni Robredo have once again proven their elitism by bashing the Rock Band on Facebook. This, after learning that the band … Read more

BBM Supporter Attends Leni Robredo Rally: “Trabaho lang walang personalan”

BBM Supporter Goes Viral after Attending Leni Robredo Campaign Rally A supporter of presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (BBM) went viral online after being spotted attending the campaign rally of Leni Robredo. Supporters invite friends and family to the rallies to show their support for the candidates. Other groups, on the other hand, are … Read more

Kakampink Cancels Gonzaga Sisters After Alex, Paul Spotted at BBM HQ

Kakampink Criticized Gonzaga Sisters for Showing Support to BBM Leni Robredo supporters or so-called “Kakampink” criticized the Gonzaga sisters after Alex and Toni’s husband was spotted at Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr. headquarters. After Alex Gonzaga and Paul Soriano, Toni Gonzaga’s husband allegedly visited the headquarters of presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos, supporters of Vice President Leni … Read more