Bongbong Marcos Receives Letter, Donation From Fish Vendor Supporter

A fish vendor wanted to donate for the campaign of Bongbong Marcos

UniTeam’s presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos received a letter and campaign donation from a fish vendor who is one of his supporters in Navotas.

Campaigning for a national position needs a huge amount of budget. Politicians can use funds from donations and they also spend money from their own pockets. It is quite a given fact that donations are coming from wealthy people who are supporting certain candidates.

Bongbong Marcos

However, a supporter of Bongbong Marcos, who is obviously not as wealthy as other campaign donors, wanted to donate her own money. In a recent video posted on the official Facebook account, it was said that while having a caravan in Navotas, a woman gave the presidential aspirant a brown envelope.

There were 50 and 100 peso bills inside the envelope and there was a letter as well. BBM and Navotas Mayor Toby Tiangco, who joined the caravan, were trying to find the woman who gave the said envelope.

When they were able to find the woman, BBM returned the money and said that he will just take the letter. The woman, identified as Nanay Clemencia, a fish vendor, said, “Tulong po naming sa inyo sir. Kailangan mo yan.”

bongbong marcos nanay clemencia
📷: Bongbong Marcos FB Page

The supporter of BBM still tried to insist that she wanted to donate the money. “Mayor, mayor sige na po please lang po Mayor,” Nanay Clemencia insisted as Mayor Tiangco was giving him back the envelope with money.

Nanay Clemencia kept on insisting that she wanted to donate that because it is from her hard work in selling fish. Mayor Tiangco said that the vote of the people is already enough.

Bongbong Marcos said to his supporter, “Ok na sa akin ang tulong niyo sa kampanya, kahit ibigay mo sa akin ito hindi ko gagamitin.”

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