Kiko Matos, Baron Geisler PressCon And Face-Off (Video)

kiko matos

Kiko Matos And Baron Geisler PressCon,Face-Off

Actors Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos have faced again for a press conference, June 21, 2016, for their scheduled cage match at the Palace Pool Club in Taguig City.

kiko matos

Together with the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) founder Alvin Aguilar in between, Baron and Kiko still exchanged some words caught in a video uploaded on Facebook.

The video was uploaded on the Facebook page of, it can be seen that Kiko and Baron had been exchanging words using a microphone and it seems that the people have been enjoying the whole press conference.

Kiko Matos can be heard saying that he is setting aside his anger and be in good terms but it seems that ‘it’s too late to turn back now’. Then, Baron Geisler exclaimed, “Liar!” and the people just laughed. Geisler said that Kiko already said many ‘bad things’ about him and that Kiko is backing down the words.

But, Kiko insisted that he just did everything like their brawl in a bar in Quezon City because Baron, according to him, asked for it.

Baron then just made a closing that everything will be concluded on June 25. When asked about what he can say about Kiko, Baron joked that Kiko maybe has a better mustache than him. He then exclaimed that Kiko is a “very, very good liar.”

After that, URCC founder invited everyone to see the URCC fight night on June 25, 2016, Saturday. According to him, this would be the first time to have a celebrity exhibition match. Then, the two celebrities did their last face-off.

What do you think of the coming Baron-Kiko cage match?

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