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9:09 AM October 21, 2017

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9:09 AM October 21, 2017

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Baron Geisler and girlfriend Raf Bravo reportedly ended their relationship.

BARON GEISLER – The controversial actor Baron Geisler and girlfriend Raf Bravo allegedly ended up their relationship in a quite unexpected place – in the prison.

Indeed, nothing will ever remain permanent in this world.

The change will always be constant and the inevitable.

Just like what reportedly happened to the relationship of the actor Baron Geisler and girlfriend Raflesia Chiarra Bravo.

baron geisler

Photo grabbed from Instagram/ Raf Bravo

According to a report from the DZRH News, Baron and his girlfriend Raf has unexpected ended their relationship which lasted for four (4) months while Baron was still detained.

baron geisler

Photo grabbed from Twitter/ DZRH News

This is after Baron failed to post bail on his latest controversy in a resto-bar in Quezon City.

In an exclusive interview of the source with the girlfriend Raf, she confirmed the break up.

Accordingly, it was Baron who initiated the break up.

It is because the actor reportedly got angry and believed that his girlfriend refused to call his brother Donald Geisler.

Donald is the one who will ensure the immediate release of the actor.

The girlfriend also clarified that the allegations of the third party being involved on their split was not true.

Based on a previous report, he was busted by the authorities after causing trouble in an establishment along Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City because of his violent behavior.

baron geisler

Photo lifted from DZRH News

The 35-year-old actor was banned from the resto-bar for being uncontrollable.

The owner of the building was told to also file charges of unjust vexation and scandal against Baron Geisler for allegedly causing trouble.

However, the actor was denying the incident and was even accusing the authorities because of their improper ways and procedures of arresting him.

Meanwhile, as per the source, Raf still visits the detained actor even after the break up.

What can you say about this?

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