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9:29 AM October 19, 2017

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9:29 AM October 19, 2017

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A fellow inmate of Baron Geisler got the actor’s name tattooed on his arms.

BARON GEISLER – An inmate of the actor Baron Geisler got the male artist’s name tattooed on his arms has received several reactions from the netizens.baron geisler

In a previous report, the actor has been reported to have been arrested by the authorities after causing trouble over alleged violent behavior in resto-bar in Quezon City.

Previously, the actor has already involved himself in some issues and controversies, may it be with his fellow local celebrities or not.

It is his confession of being addicted to alcohol which led him to get in trouble.baron geisler

Accordingly, it was on Monday evening (October 16, 2017) when the 35-year-old actor got arrested again after causing trouble in an establishment along Quezon City.

Thus, he was brought to the authorities and was banned from the resto-bar because of the trouble he caused over violent behavior.

He denied it all and even accused the authorities of not following the procedures in arresting him.

The owner of the establishment has plans of filing unjust vexation and scandal against him.

The actor was put inside the jail because of this.

And lately, the actor has posted on his social media accounts, specifically on his Facebook and Instagram, several photos of his fellow inmate.

What is just so extraordinary is that this inmate of the actor has got himself get inked on his arms with the name of the actor.

People of the social media community questioned why, of all possible names, is the name of the actor, but then, it is the choice and the decision of the inmate.

Another thing which made the people wonder about is the thought that despite inside the prison, the actor was still able to update his social media accounts.

To which only means he has his phone inside the jail.

What can you say about it?

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