Martin Nievera Speaks on Split w/ Ex-Partner Katrina Ojeda, Son Santino who has autism

Martin Nievera, Katrina Ojeda, Santino

Martin Nievera Launches Foundation w/ Ex-Partner Katrina Ojeda MARTIN NIEVERA – The Concert King spoke on his separation with his ex-partner, Katrina Ojeda, and their son Santino who has autism. One of the most popular personalities in the Philippine music industry is singer Martin Nievera. Also a television host, he earned the title as the … Read more

Candy Pangilinan Son Quentin Graduates Grade 10, Celebrities React To This

Candy Pangilinan

Celebrity friends of Candy Pangilinan congratulate Quentin on his achievement. CANDY PANGILINAN – Quentin finally graduates from Grade 10 and Candy Pangilinan’s celebrity friends have these comments. No one could get any prouder than a parent who has a graduating child. And Candy Pangilinan is surely one proud parent now that her Quentin has graduated … Read more

Candy Pangilinan Shows How She Handles Quentin’s Tantrums

Candy Pangilinan

Mom to a neurodivergent child, Candy Pangilinan shares a piece of her life when Quentin threw a fit. CANDY PANGILINAN – Actress-comedian Candy Pangilinan shares a piece of her life dealing with both meltdown and tantrums at the same time. At 9 months old, Candy Pangilinan noticed the difference between her child, Quentin, with other … Read more

Toni Gonzaga Emotional Over Candy Pangilinan’s Confessions

Toni Gonzaga Candy Pangilinan

As a mother of a child with special needs, these experiences of Candy Pangilinan turned Toni Gonzaga emotional. TONI GONZAGA – Here’s a story of how far Candy Pangilinan did for her child Quentin and their story that made Toni Gonzaga cry. Tracing back to her married life, actress and comedienne Candy Pangilinan revealed that … Read more

Plantation Bay Issue: Karen Davila and Vickie Rushton Speak, Slam Resort

Plantation Bay Issue

Karen Davila and Vickie Rushton speak about Plantation Bay issue about discriminating a child with special needs. PLANTATION BAY ISSUE – Famous personalities Karen Davila and Vickie Rushton spoke about discrimination issue of Plantation Bay Resort. In a previous article, luxury resort in Cebu, the Plantation Bay Resort And Spa, is now under investigation apparently … Read more

Cebu Resort Under Probe After Autism Discrimination Remarks Drew Flak

DOT to Conduct Investigation to Cebu Resort Over Autism Discrimination Remarks A luxury resort in Cebu is subjected to investigation after being slammed online for discriminating against a young boy with autism. Recently, Mai Pages, a mother of a child with special needs lamented that she and her child wasn’t welcomed in the Plantation Bay … Read more

Karen Davila Son David Suffers From Full Blown Seizure, Rushed To ER

Karen Davila

Son of Karen Davila was rushed to emergency room after suffering from seizure. KAREN DAVILA – Veteran broadcaster Karen Davila shared on Monday a story of faith after her son David suffered from a full blown seizure. David is Karen Davila’s son with husband DJ Sta. Ana. They were blessed with two children and the other is … Read more

Autism – What Exactly Is The Autism Spectrum Disorder? (Answers)

Answers To The Question: What Is Autism? AUTISM – In this article, we will learn about what autism spectrum disorder is, its characteristics, and its implications. This type of disorder refers to a broad array of conditions. They are characterized by a person challenged with social skills and repetitive behaviors. People with autism also have … Read more