Martin Nievera Speaks on Split w/ Ex-Partner Katrina Ojeda, Son Santino who has autism

Martin Nievera Launches Foundation w/ Ex-Partner Katrina Ojeda

MARTIN NIEVERA – The Concert King spoke on his separation with his ex-partner, Katrina Ojeda, and their son Santino who has autism.

One of the most popular personalities in the Philippine music industry is singer Martin Nievera. Also a television host, he earned the title as the Philippines’ Concert King. It is no secret to the public that he had married and has sons with his former co-host and singer Pops Fernandez, the country’s Concert Queen.

Martin and Pops have two (2) sons, Robin and Ram, who have not entered the showbiz industry despite having both celebrity parents. However, the two (2) celebrities separated.

Martin Nievera had a relationship with Katrina Ojeda. Their relationship is blessed with a son they named Santino. Years after, Martin and Pops were seen to have seemingly managed to keep their frriendship despite the breakup. There were even occassions when the Concert Queen was spotted with Martin, their two (2) sons, Katrina, and Santino.

Martin Nievera, Katrina Ojeda
Photo Credit: Pep

Martin Nievera and Katrina Ojeda also broke up. Based on an article on Pep, in a recent interview, the Concert King revealed that he and Katrina are among the couples who have separated with the condition of their child being one of the reasons. Santino was diagnosed with autism.

Meanwhile, Martin and Katrina were able to see the situation in a different light. They launched a foundation, Sing Out for Autism (SOFA), to help other parents who also have children diagnosed with autism.

“We’re trying to raise funds to help other people who don’t really want to be a vocal about their special children. A lot of people are ashamed of it. A lot of couples have broken up because of it, namely me and Santino’s mother,” he said.

Martin stressed that he and Katrina remained very good friends. Based on the article, he also revealed that when they started SOFA, Pops and their sons Robin and Ram were also there. They were all together in one room which he finds “weird” but happened because they wanted to be there for their children.

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