Actual Footage of China Launching Artificial Sun Goes Viral

Artificial Sun

China Launches Artificial Sun Worth $1 Trillion The actual footage of China launching their $1 trillion artificial sun goes viral and garnered various reactions from the social media users. The Twitter page “RapTV” has shared a short video clip of China launching an artificial sun into the sky. The event set a new world record … Read more

Actual Footage of Cop Confronting Riding-in-Tandem Goes Viral


Video Footage of Cop Confronting Riding-in-Tandem Elicits Comments Online The actual video footage of a cop confronting a ‘riding-in-tandem’ goes viral after it was posted on social media. Over the past few decades, the police authorities are implementing stricter rules and regulations to reduce the rate of criminality in the country including the riding-in-tandem incidents. … Read more