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Bakeries Sell Pandesal At P1 Each In Navotas City

Some Bakeries In Navotas Sell Pandesal At P1 Each To Help Those Affected By Lockdown BAKERIES SELL PANDESAL AT P1 EACH – Amid the spread of COVID-19 in the country, bakeries in Navotas are doing their part to help those affected by the lockdown. Recently, the Philippine Government had extended the lockdown in Luzon until […] Read more

Arrogant Resident in Checkpoint Went Raging and Harass Brgy. Volunteers

Arrogant Resident in Checkpoint Goes Viral for Harassing Brgy. Volunteers Video footage of arrogant resident who went raging and harassed barangay volunteer manning checkpoint elicits comments from the residents. Image captured from the video Recently, a barangay volunteer and considered as frontliners shared a video footage of intense commotion between an arrogant lady resident and […] Read more

I can Fly But I Have No Wings Riddle – Answer And Explanation

Answers To The Riddle “I Can Fly But I Have No Wings” RIDDLES – Riddles are a good stimulant for our brain! In this article we are going to answer the riddle that goes “I can fly but I have no wings. I can cry but have no eyes, wherever I go darkness follows”. The […] Read more

Vietnam Lambasts China For Military Drills In South China Sea


Vietnam Lambasts China For Military Drills In South China Sea VIETNAM – Vietnam recently slammed the People’s Republic of China over military drills in the disputed South China Sea. Image from: Rappler According to Rappler, the nation suspended an oil exploration project which was operated by Reposol from Spain in a location off the coast […] Read more

Middle Class People Cash Assistance Amid Crisis Earns Support

Middle Class People

President Duterte considers extending help to the middle class people in terms of cash aid. MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE – President Rodrigo Duterte said that the cash assistant to be extended to the middle class people is “valid”. There are seven income classes and they are the following: poor, low income (but not poor), lower middle […] Read more

Sikad Driver Demands P12k Cash Aid & Claims P6k Not Enough for Expenses

Sikad Driver

Sikad Driver & Other Residents in Bacolod City Claim P6,000 Cash Aid Not Enough A sikad driver demands P12,000 cash aid to the government and claiming that the P6,000 financial aid is good enough for one week only. A Facebook user named Adrien Prietos has shared the video footage of several residents complaining regarding the […] Read more

What Is Shoktong? – Old Medicinal Wine Based in Binondo

What Exactly Is Shoktong? (Answers) WHAT IS SHOKTONG? – The Philippines had an interesting run with herbal medicine during the mid-19th century. At that time, one of the most popular herbal “liquor” or Chinese rice “wine was called Shoktong or Siyoktong. Meanwhile, the Spaniards called the drink Vino de Chino. The word “Syoktong” is actually […] Read more

Domestic, International Flights Suspended Until April 30


Domestic, International Flights Suspended Until April 30 FLIGHTS SUSPENDED – Local airlines recently announced that domestic and international flights are suspended due to quarantine extension. Image from: Philippine Airlines To start things off, as previously reported, AirAsia made an announcement on April 6 that all flights, both domestic and foreign, will be postponed. Guests will […] Read more

Poor Construction Worker Tries to Take Own Life Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Poor Construction Worker Who Tries to Take Own Life Stop By Police Video footage of a poor construction worker who supposed to jump off the bridge to end his life due to the COVID-19 crisis stop by police officer. Image captured from the video Amid the prevailing enhanced community quarantine throughout the country due to […] Read more

4P’s Beneficiary Reacts to Gov’t 8k Cash Aid: “Pang 1 week lang yun”

4P’s Beneficiary

“Pang 1 week lang yun”, 4P’s Beneficiary Reacts to Government’s 8k Financial Assistance A 4P’s beneficiary expressed her reaction to the government’s 8k cash aid for poor families: “Pang 1 week lang yun”. Over the past few weeks, the Philippine government is already implementing stricter rules and regulations as a part of the enhanced community […] Read more