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Raffy Tulfo Helps High School Student Who Was Bullied By Schoolmates

Raffy Tulfo VS bullies 3

High School Student Who Was Bullied By Schoolmates Receives Help From Raffy Tulfo RAFFY TULO – A high school student who was bullied by her schoolmates received help from Raffy Tulfo.  Filipino journalist Raffy Tulfo helped his fellowmen through his program ‘Raffy Tulfo in Action.’ From celebrities to ordinary Filipinos, they sought help from the […] Read more

Lawmaker To Ban Private Vehicles Entering EDSA On Rush Hours


Lawmaker To Ban Private Vehicles Entering EDSA On Rush Hours LAWMAKER – A lawmaker recently made a proposal on easing traffic to ban private vehicles from entering EDSA during rush hours. Image from: Interaksyon A report in Inquirer states that Edgar Erice, Caloocan 2nd District Representative raised the idea of making the capital’s busiest thoroughfare […] Read more

Globalization – What Is This Concept? (Answers)

Answers To The Question: What is Globalization? GLOBALIZATION – In this article we will learn about what globalization is and its implications in our modern world. Globalization could be defined as how countries across the world are more connected to one another. This is because of the advances in technology, trade, and economics. Image by: […] Read more

BOYFRIEND TIPS – What Are The Things You Do That Make Her Mad?

Boyfriend Tips

Boyfriend tips about the things that make them angry. BOYFRIEND TIPS – Here are some tips for boyfriends out there and the things that make their girlfriends get mad for always. Sometimes, girls tend to change mood just as fast as the ticking clock. And it is surely because of a particular reason their boyfriends […] Read more

GSO Personnel Earns Criticisms After Mauling Watch Man at Parking Lot

GSO Personnel

Video of GSO Personnel Who Allegedly Mauled a Watch Man at Parking Lot A GSO personnel received criticisms and bashings on social media after allegedly mauling a watch man at a parking lot. The Facebook page “Mahilig Mag Like at Share” has shared the video footage of a GSO personnel who allegedly attacked the watch […] Read more

Raffy Tulfo Convinces OFW Who Wants To Leave His Wife (Viral Video)

Raffy Tulfo

Video of Raffy Tulfo Convincing an OFW Not To Leave His Wife Goes Viral RAFFY TULFO – A video of Raffy Tulfo convincing an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who wants to leave his wife went viral on the social media. Nowadays, more and more people are getting hooked to the real-life situations and problems discussed […] Read more

DA Confirms Swine Fever Outbreak 3 Places In Bulacan And Rizal


DA Confirms Swine Fever Outbreak 3 Places In Bulacan And Rizal DA – The Department of Agriculture (DA) recently confirmed that there is an outbreak of the ASF in 3 areas in Bulacan and Rizal. Image from: Serious Eats and Wikipedia The department last week announced that they were examining areas where hogs are possibly […] Read more

Hospital Allegedly Refused To Admit Patient Because He’s Not Dying

Hospital young boy. Raffy tulfo

Young Boy Who Was Allegedly Rejected In Hospital Receives Help From Raffy Tulfo HOSPITAL – Journalist Raffy Tulfo helped a young boy who has a spinal injury after they got rejected in a well-known hospital in Manila. Filipino broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo has helped lots of people through his program ‘Raffy Tulfo in Action.’ His […] Read more

Vivoree Esclito “Kawawa”? Actress Wears Unfinished Gown For ABS-CBN Ball 2019

Vivoree Esclito

Vivoree Esclito gains sympathy for having no choice to wear an unfinished gown. VIVOREE ESCLITO – The Kapamilya young actress Vivoree Esclito wore an unfinished gown for the ABS-CBN Ball 2019 and netizens have these reactions. All the Kapamilya celebrities wore the best Filipiniana they could have for the ABS-CBN Ball 2019. Everyone was a […] Read more

Cultural Relativism – What Is This Concept?(Answers)

Answers To The Question: Why is The Concept Of Cultural Relativism CULTURAL RELATIVISM – In this article we will learn what is cultural relativism and its implications in the modern world. Cultural relativism is the belief that moral or ethical ideologies that differ from culture to culture are equally valid. It also implies that there […] Read more