Jane de Leon’s Parents – Meet the Next Darna’s Parents Ruel & Hearty

Jane de Leon’s Parents Raise Actress in Strict Manner

JANE DE LEON’S PARENTS – Meet Ruel and Hearty, the parents of the young Kapamilya actress who is set to be the next Darna.

Darna is one of the most iconic superheroes in the Philippines. Undeniably, it is really a huge opportunity and honor to be chosen to play the said role. For the next project about the superhero, actress Jane de Leon was chosen to be the star.

Initially, it was young Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano who will play the role. However, an injury on her finger caused the actress to withdraw from the project.

Meanwhile, a lot of people and even Liza support Jane de Leon to be the next Darna. She started as a model and eventually joined the acting industry. Undeniably, only a few details about Jane de Leon’s family background is really known to the public.

Jane de Leon
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Jane de Leon’s parents are Ruel and Hearty – the real-life superheroes of the next Darna star. Based on an article on Star Studio, she is the youngest child of her parents. She is very close to her older brother, Francis. They are from San Pedro, Laguna.

The father of Jane de Leon has four children from his previous relationship. They are Karen, Carol, Kirox, and Ned. Although they are half-siblings, she is very close to them as well like Francis.

Jane de Leon's Parents
Photo lifted from Star Studio | Image Courtesy of Jane de Leon

Jane de Leon’s parents reared her in a strict way. The actress is vocal of her parents’ strictness that she had to sneak out so she can play with other kids in the streets. Meanwhile, it is no surprise as she is the youngest of six – not only her parents but as well as her siblings are protective of her.

Ruel and Hearty were both present as Jane grows up. According to the article, the actress shared that during Christmas eve, they would usually have unique dishes on the table. Her father has his own recipes for the family.

Visibly, it was a simple and happy family life for Jane and her family. Little did Ruel and Hearty know they’re actually raising the next Darna.

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