Jane De Leon Says “Hinding-hindi mawawala si Darna”

jane de leon

Jane de Leon expressed gratitude to everyone who supported her recently-concluded series Kapamilya actress Jane de Leon reminded everyone that although the Darna series arrived at its finale, the Pinay superheroine will always be there. Jane got her biggest break in showbiz when she was named the actress who will portray the iconic superheroine created … Read more

Jane de Leon Shares Life Lessons She Learned from Darna

jane de leon

Jane de Leon will forever be known as one of the Darna actresses Kapamilya actress Jane de Leon shared the life lessons she learned from her portrayal of the iconic Pinay superhero Darna. It is no doubt that Jane’s career was boosted by her stint as the Darna actress. Through this project, more opportunities in … Read more

Janella Salvador As “Green Darna”; Here’s An Explanation

Janella Salvador

What is the story behind “green darna” played by Janella Salvador? Find out here! JANELLA SALVADOR – Valentina’s ‘hero’ transformation to “green Darna” caught the attention and here’s an explanation behind this. “Mars Ravelo’s Darna: The TV Series” stars Jane De Leon as the newest Darna and Janella Salvador as Valentina, the alter ego of Regina, … Read more

Janella Salvador Debut As Valentina: “Creepy But Beautiful”

Janella Salvador As Valentina

Netizens have these reactions to the first appearance of Janella Salvador as Valentina. JANELLA SALVADOR – Valentina is here and netizens are impressed as to how Janella Salvador portrayed the character excellently. Hissing from the television screens is Kapamilya star Janella Salvador as Valentina “Darna TV Series”. New-age Darna is Jane De Leon and opposite … Read more