69-Year-Old Delivery Rider Keeps Working After Accident

69-Year-Old Delivery Rider Earns Online Admiration for Working After Being Involved in an Accident

A hardworking 69-year-old delivery rider has received praise online for continuing to work despite recently being in an accident.

A delivery rider is a person responsible for transporting goods from one location to another using a motorcycle, bicycle, or scooter. They play an important role in ensuring that products, food, or packages are delivered promptly and safely to customers.

They collect items from restaurants, stores, warehouses, or other locations specified by their employer or the delivery service they work for. They use their vehicle, typically a motorcycle or scooter, to travel through traffic and deliver items to the designated addresses.

69-Year-Old Delivery Rider

Recently, Harold Canarias, a Facebook user, shared photos of the dedicated delivery rider, showing his perseverance and dedication. The post quickly went viral, earning admiration from many netizens.

In his post, Canarias pointed out the rider’s exceptional attitude towards his work. He mentioned that the rider never complains, even when carrying heavy loads, and does not ask for extra tips from customers.

Canarias knows people like him are rare, facing life’s challenges without picking and choosing customers. He expressed his admiration towards the hardworking Lalamove rider for working despite his old age.

69-Year-Old Delivery Rider

Many netizens expressed their respect and admiration for the delivery rider, recognizing the hard work and determination it takes to continue working under such challenging situations.

69-Year-Old Delivery Rider

Here is the full post:

“Lagi ako ngbook sa lalamove pero madalang ako makatagpo ng ganitong rider

Nadisgrasya cya nung isang araw kaya daw puro sugat ang mukha nya pero tuloy pa din sa trabaho

Ang laki ng karga ni tatay pero hindi sya umaangal(hindi nanghihingi ng tip)

69 yrs old nagttrabaho pa din

Alam ko madalang ang ganitong klaseng tao walang pinipili customer laban lng sa hamon ng buhay

Saludo po ako sa inyo ako na po bahala sa pakunswelo ko sa inyo

Idol po kita!!”

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