Priscilla Meirelles Speaks About Last Year’s “Issue” w/ John Estrada

Priscilla Meirelles shared something about her relationship with John Estrada

Miss Earth 2004 Priscilla Meirelles spoke about the “issue” that happened between her and her husband actor John Estrada.

To recall, in 2023, rumors surfaced that Priscilla and John’s marriage was on the rocks. It was because of Priscilla’s intriguing posts and she later admitted that those were about marital problems.

She shared posts about cheating and amid this issue, the actress-beauty queen received from the online community.

priscilla meirelles john estrada
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In a recent interview on Fast Talk, the Brazilian beauty queen opened up about the rumored marital issue that she and John Estrada had.

Priscilla Meirelles shared that she learned a lot from herself after that turbulent moment in their lives. “Unang-una, ang dami kong natutunan tungkol sa akin, sa sarili ko. Kasi very light akong tao, I’m very easy-going. And darating sa panahon na ang lahat ng tao may limit,” she said.

She also said that she reached the limit and she needed to make the other side understand that it was already enough. This happened and she learned that the most important thing a person could have is peace of mind and she would tell her partner if she can’t bear it anymore.

For her, she can’t live without peace and she can’t function well because she is not happy. As a woman, Priscilla said that she needs to be happy. “Sa buong experience ko bilang asawa, ginagawa ko lahat,” she added.

She also said that the majority of women would just forgive and forget but the time will come when she is not getting younger, and there will be a point that she can’t bear it anymore, and because she is not happy she would just say, “Sorry, hindi ko kaya.”

Priscilla shared that she and John were able to fix the problem that happened in their relationship. “So, I am in the situation right now, of course, we’re married pa rin, and we’re laughing, we’re having a great time,” she said.

On the other hand, she said that if another problem occurs, she will definitely do what she needs to do. “So, whatever happens from this point on, it’s on him. I’ve done my part,” Priscilla Meirelles said.

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