PHOTOS: Janella Salvador Shares First-ever Pride Experience

Janella Salvador Shares Snaps Of Her First-ever Pride Experience

JANELLA SALVADOR – Actress and singer Janella Salvador shared pictures of her first-ever Pride experience.

LGBTQ Pride Month in the Philippines is an annual celebration in June that recognizes and honors the LGBTQIA+ community, promoting awareness, acceptance, and equal rights. The month features various events such as parades, festivals, workshops, and educational activities aimed at fostering a more inclusive society.

It also commemorates the struggles and achievements of the LGBTQIA+ community, both locally and globally. Major events often take place in cities like Metro Manila, with the Pride March and related activities drawing significant participation and attention.

Photo Source: @superjanella IG

In a previous article, Vice Ganda posed in an Amsterdam rainbow dress at the Quezon memorial circle. He and the organizers expressed their advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community with a powerful message: “Unkabogable Love at Laban Para sa SOGIE Equality Bill.”

Photo Source: @superjanella IG

Janella Salvador recently posted photos on Instagram from her first-ever pride celebration experience. The actress was among many celebrities who attended the largest pride celebration in the country to date. In her post, Janella expressed her joy at seeing everyone celebrating and advocating for equal rights with high spirits. “My first pride experience was a dream ,” Janella said.

“It was nice to see everyone in high spirits just celebrating, openly showing each other affection and actively protesting for equal rights,” she added.

Janella also mentioned she was glad to share the moment with her followers before the downpour.

“I’m glad i was able to share this moment with you all before the rain poured but i really hope you all kept safe out there! #PridePH”

Organizers reported that the recent pride celebration drew an estimated 70,000 attendees. The event, which concluded with a Pride Night concert, was cut short due to heavy rains.

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