Nikko Natividad Is Still In ‘Batang Quiapo’ Despite Plea To Remove Him

Cristy Fermin talked about the recent issue encountered by Nikko Natividad

Actor Nikko Natividad is still in the Kapamilya primetime series Batang Quiapo despite the plea from his critics to remove him from it.

Nikko was under fire a few weeks ago because of his fiery comment on what happened to It’s Showtime‘s Expecially For You segment. He was one of the personalities who did not like how the hosts handled the situation.

Through his social media posts, Nikko criticized the show and the effect that it had on searcher Christine and searchee Axel Cruz.

nikko natividad
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However, Nikko Natividad took down his post about that. Despite what he did, he stressed that he remained firm in what he said and that it was just the management’s decision to remove his post.

Amid the issue, fans of It’s Showtime, especially those who are supporting comedian-host Vice Ganda plead to Batang Quiapo actor and creative director Coco Martin to remove him from the Kapamilya series.

Based on the article in Bandera, during the recent episode of Cristy Fermin’s Cristy Ferminute show on 92.3 Radyo 5 TRUE FM, she pointed out that Nikko will not be removed from Batang Quiapo.

ā€œMula sa FPJā€™s Barang Quiapo ang aking nakausap na source na hindi nanununog at nangunguryente at nalaman ko at dapat kong itawid sa inyo na hinding-hindi raw po makikinig si Coco Martin sa kung anu-anong isyung kumakalat ngayon. Si Nikko Natividad po ay patuloy pa rin nating mapapanood sa Batang Quiapo at ang kanyang role ay matatapos lamang kapag wala na talaga siyang mga eksena,” the veteran showbiz insider said.

Cristy’s co-host Romel Chika said that this is good news since speculations surfaced that because Vice and Coco are close friends the latter would remove Nikko from his series.

The veteran showbiz insider said that the issue between Nikko and Vice is out of it. She also stressed that it is not a good thing to see someone losing his job and this will be a burden for him.

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