Enrique Gil Shares What He Did During Showbiz Hiatus

Enrique Gil

In an interview, Enrique Gil shares what kept him busy during his hiatus. Kapamilya actor Enrique Gil opened up about the time when he stepped out of the limelight temporarily and what he did during this time. One of the well-loved actors in the industry is Enrique Gil who is set to mark his comeback … Read more

Nikko Natividad Will Be The Next Rendon Labador?

nikko natividad rendon labador

Nikko Natividad shared this post about his Facebook Page Former Hashtags member Nikko Natividad said that he might follow social media personality Rendon Labador‘s fate on social media. Nikko is one of the celebrities who actively share funny posts on social media. The online world has become a huge part of the lives of many … Read more

Nikko Natividad Lambast Basher After Allegedly Calling Him “Kolboy”

Nikko Natividad Slams Basher Who Allegedly Called Him “Kolboy” Former Hashtag member Nikko Natividad slammed a basher on her social media account who called him “kolboy” (callboy). Actress and former Hashtags member is known for her raunchy quips and memes on social media, which are a hit with internet users. Some of his messages appear … Read more

Nikko Natividad Wedding Video, Actor Ties Knot w/ Non-Showbiz Partner

Nikko Natividad Wedding

Here’s the wedding video of Nikko Natividad as he finally weds his non-showbiz partner Cielo Eusebio. NIKKO NATIVIDAD – Actor-comedian Nikko Natividad shares his own wedding video as he finally gets married to his long-term non-showbiz partner. In a previous article, many people got a good laugh watching the unique pre-wedding video of Kapamilya artist … Read more

Nikko Natividad Prenup, His Funny Pre-Wedding Catches Attention

Nikko Natividad

Here’s the pre-wedding video of Nikko Natividad with his future wife Cielo Eusebio. NIKKO NATIVIDAD – Netizens were delighted over the funny and “unique” pre-wedding video of Kapamilya artist Nikko Natividad and his future wife. The long-time couple Nikko Natividad and Cielo Eusebio gave many people a good laugh as they release their “unique” and full … Read more

Nikko Natividad Admits Cheating, Here’s His Confession

Here are the confessions of Nikko Natividad about the things he’s done behind her partner’s back before. NIKKO NATIVIDAD – Kapamilya actor and Hashtags member Nikko Natividad admits cheating on his non-showbiz partner before. Model, actor, dancer, and one of the members of Hashtags is Nikko Natividad. He is Showtime’s Gandang Lalake segment winner and … Read more

Nikko Natividad Identity Theft Victim, Denies Account from Tinder

Nikko Natividad Denies Account from Tinder, Slams Person Behind Hashtag member Nikko Natividad slammed the person behind the account using his identity in the “Tinder,” a dating application. The Hashtag member took Twitter to slam the person behind the account in a mobile dating application called “Tinder,” where his identity is being used. Fake Nikko’s … Read more