Motorcycle Taxi Riders Arrested for Bag Snatching in San Juan

San Juan City Police Arrest Motorcycle Taxi Riders Involved in Bag Snatching

Two motorcycle taxi riders were arrested for their involvement in a bag-snatching incident in Barangay Addition Hills, San Juan City.

On Thursday (June 20, 2024), the San Juan City Police arrested two suspects involved in a bag-snatching incident during a follow-up operation. The suspects were tracked down in Sampaloc, Manila, after committing another theft in the area on Wednesday.

Agnes Wang, a victim of the snatching, positively identified the suspects who stole her bag and the vehicle used in the crime.

Motorcycle Taxi Riders

“Ito po mismo ‘yung ginamit nilang motor… ‘yung gold na heat guard po… at ‘yung brand po ng motor pati ‘yung bonus na word po. Very identifiable po pati yung cellphone holder na naka-attach sa elongated na mirror… ‘Yung kumuha po ng bag mismo siya po ‘yung maliit po mata, medyo maamo po, nakita po namin picture at nakita namin sila, sila nga po,” Wang said.

San Juan City Police Station Chief Police Colonel Francis Allan Reglos said that the police were alerted to a similar incident the previous night. The modus operandi involved two suspects on a motorcycle snatching bags.

They followed the trail based on witness accounts and found the suspects in Sampaloc.

Motorcycle Taxi Riders

Kagabi mayroong reported incident na same modus, riding in tandem, hablot, nagreport dito victim at nag-follow din kami. So nung nagbacktracking kami sa dinaanan nila base rin sa witness, sinundan namin yung way… nakaabot kami ng Sampaloc,” Reglos explained.

The San Juan Police revealed that the suspects were members of motorcycle taxi services. Their modus operandi involved booking themselves as riders to appear as if they had a legitimate trip in the area where they intended to commit the crime.

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The motorcycle taxi company is cooperating with the Philippine National Police (PNP) to resolve the issue.

Agnes Wang is determined to file charges against the suspects, who will face robbery holdup charges. The suspects, who are now in the custody of the San Juan City Police, declined to make any statements.

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