Anonymous Co-Worker Exposes Affair Between Married Male Colleague & New Female Employee

Anonymous Co-Worker Goes Viral for Exposing Cheating Couple’s Affair

An anonymous co-worker exposed an alleged affair between a married male colleague and a new female employee.

Recently, the Facebook page “Traffic News” shared the post of an anonymous person claimed his male co-worker was “flirting” with the new female hire, despite the man being married. The woman seemed willing to engage, even knowing he was taken.

The anonymous netizen expressed disbelief at how brazenly the two conducted their affair right under everyone’s noses at the office. He claimed the man even boasted to colleagues about the new woman’s “eagerness” towards him.

Anonymous Co-Worker

Things escalated when co-workers went out, and the man openly flirted with the woman in front of others despite being married. Disgusted, the anonymous co-worker took photos and videos as evidence.

The next day, he created a new Facebook account and sent the photos/videos to the wife of the cheating husband via Messenger.

Soon, the wife discovered the affair through the leak and lashed out in their office group chat, accusing the “meddling” female colleagues of snitching to her, threatening divorce.

Anonymous Co-Worker

The next day, the concerned netizen sent an anonymous letter to Human Resources reporting the new female employee for pursuing the married man.

They later learned the woman was fired as she was still on probation, while the husband, a regular employee, was just suspended. It also emerged the fired woman had an OFW boyfriend.

Anonymous Co-Worker

The anonymous whistleblower expresses dismay to the cheating couple’s friends for being angry at the “meddlers”.

“Nakuha na naman nila inis ko hahaha, so kasalanan ko pa kasi cheater mga kaibigan nyo?” 

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Some netizens praised the uploader for exposing the affair, while others criticized the co-worker for meddling in other people’s marriages.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Anonymous Co-Worker

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