Son Praises Hardworking Mom Who Ventures into Various Livelihoods

Hardworking Mom

Proud Son Flexes Hardworking Mom Venturing into Various Livelihoods to Provide Family’s Need A loving son praises his hardworking mom who ventured into various livelihoods to provide for the needs of their family. Recently, Brent Gio Yuhan, a Facebook user, proudly showcased his hardworking mother who ventured into almost every possible livelihood to provide for … Read more

Netizen Shares Memorable Wedding Adventure in Dalaguete, Cebu

Memorable Wedding Adventure

Lady Netizen Shares Cousin’s Memorable Wedding Adventure Amid Flood A lady netizen goes viral online after sharing the memorable wedding adventure of her cousin in Dalaguete, Cebu. Joy Ambayec, a Facebook user, shares amazing photos of her journey alongside wedding guests and the newlyweds Rolando Hortado & Analiza Ambayec in Bulak, Dalaguete. The post circulated … Read more

Netizen Slams Salon After Hair Treatment Goes Wrong

Hair Treatment

Netizen Slams Salon After Hair Treatment Leaves Her Hair Damaged HAIR TREATMENT GOES WRONG – A netizen criticized a salon after she underwent a hair treatment that left her hair damaged. Recently, Dimple Orlanda, a Facebook user, shared her distressing experience at a salon, where she underwent a hair treatment that left her hair damaged. … Read more

Pinay Netizen Admires Japan’s Customer Service “Kahit barya pa yan tlgang ibabalik nila”

Pinay Netizen

Pinay Netizen Expresses Admiration for Japan’s Excellent Customer Service A Pinay netizen expressed her admiration for the excellent customer service of Japan, claiming, “Kahit barya pa yan tlgang ibabalik nila.” Akiho Closet, a Facebook user, shared her experience about Japan that left her amazed. The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media and elicited … Read more

Netizen Uses Unconventional Ingredient on Graham Float “lasang kape siya”

Graham Float

Netizen Goes Viral for Using Unconventional Ingredient on Graham Float Netizen goes viral and bring good vibes online for using unconventional ingredients on their classic graham float. Graham floats are a popular and delicious dessert that many people enjoy because of their simplicity and delicious taste. If you haven’t tried one yet, you’re missing out! … Read more

Netizen Celebrates Small Win & Simple Achievement “MAYAMAN NA AKO. Kahit papano”


Netizen Goes Viral After Celebrating Small Win & Simple Achievement A netizen earns admiration online after celebrating a small win and simple achievement, saying, “MAYAMAN NA AKO. Kahit papano” Recently, the Facebook page “Your HR Beshies”, a netizen named Jamie shared his personal journey, emphasizing the joy of being able to afford simple things that … Read more