Elderly Woman Touches Many Hearts for Working Hard Despite Old Age

Elderly Woman Working Hard Despite Old Age Touches Hearts of Netizens

HARDWORKING LOLA – An elderly woman goes viral on social media and touches many hearts for working hard despite her old age.

“Elderlies” is an informal term used to refer to elderly people or senior citizens. It generally means individuals who are in the later stages of their life, typically defined as those aged 65 and older.

These individuals are often retired and may face various age-related challenges, including health issues, reduced mobility, and the need for increased social and medical support.

Elderly Woman

Recently, a TikTok user Ceraline09, shared a video of an elderly woman working hard despite her old age. The video quickly spread like wildfire on social media and garnered various reactions online.

In the video, the elderly woman is seen diligently loading sacks filled with products onto a cart. Despite her age, she shows remarkable resilience and determination, working tirelessly to earn a living.

Her efforts stand out as a reminder of the lengths some people go to support their families.


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The TikTokerā€™s video includes a caption that reads, “Kung pagod ka na sa buhay, isipin mong may mas pagod pa sa’yo at lumalaban ng patas” (If you are tired of life, think of those who are even more tired but still fighting fairly).

The message touches many netizens, pointing out the woman’s perseverance and inspiring others to appreciate their own struggles in comparison.

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Elderly individuals are expected to rest and enjoy their retirement years. However, economic necessity often compels them to continue working. The video shows the reality faced by many elderly people who must keep working to support themselves and their families.

The story brings attention to the need for better support systems for the elderly, ensuring they can enjoy their later years without the burden of hard labor.

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