Kind-Hearted Traffic Enforcer Provides Free Meal to Elderly Woman

Traffic Enforcer

Kind-Hearted Traffic Enforcer Earns Praise Online For Showing Compassion to Elderly Woman A kind-hearted traffic enforcer goes viral and earns praise online showing compassion to an elderly woman. Traffic enforcers play an important role in making sure our roads are safe for everyone. These are the dedicated individuals you see on the streets wearing bright … Read more

Heartwarming Video of Elderly Woman Waiting for Her Long-Time Friend Goes Viral

Elderly Woman

Elderly Woman Waiting for Her Long-Time Friend to Have Chit-Chat Touches Many Hearts The heartwarming video footage of an elderly woman who patiently waits for her long-time friend goes viral online. Friendship is a universal human experience that has been cherished throughout time. It is a unique and invaluable connection that enriches our lives in … Read more

Woman Shares Encounter w/ 90-Year-Old Lola Asking Alms for Child’s Medication


Woman Touches Hearts of Netizens After Sharing Heartwarming Encounter w/ 90-Year-Old Lola A woman has shared her encounter with a 90-year-old grandma asking alms to fund her child’s medication. Moments of genuine human connection might be rare but greatly profound in our fast-paced and busy environment. A wonderful event took place at a Puregold Qi … Read more

Elderly Woman Arrested After Caught Pickpocketing in Cubao

Elderly Woman Caught Pickpocketing a Woman in Cubao Arrested Police authorities arrested an elderly woman after being caught pickpocketing a woman waiting for a jeepney in Cubao. The 63-year-old elderly woman was detained after she exploited another elderly woman who was waiting for a jeep in the Quezon City neighborhood of Barangay Socorro. Nenita Garcia … Read more

Mentally-ill Woman Mistaken as “Aswang” Tied by Residents Hinigaran

Hinigaran Residents to Face Charges after Tying Woman Mistaken as Aswang Senatorial aspirant Raffy Tulfo slammed residents in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental after they tied up an elderly woman mistaken as “aswang”. The family of a 58-year-old woman who was reportedly mistaken for as “aswang” (Filipino mythical creature) and tied up and assaulted by locals complained … Read more