Vice Ganda And This Searchee’s Conversation Breaks Hearts

This is what Vice Ganda and Ahyan talked about that touched lots of hearts.

In the “EXpecially For You” segment, Vice Ganda talked to this emotional searchee named Ahyan and here’s his heartbreaking story.

One of the most-watched segments of It’s Showtime is “EXpecially For You” where a featured searcher is given the chance to meet other people from the three searchees presented. In the recent episode, a heartbreaking story from among the searchees has been shared.

Vice Ganda

This searchee is named Ahyan and it all started when he was asked about dealing with a broken hearted girl.

As it happened, he’s been through the same situation which was only last year and the wound seems to be clearly still open. The question was the salt added to the wound that brought back the pain.

Talking to Karylle, he told her how the pain was going to end at the right time. It will pass in no time and himself is a proof because he is still there, still fighting. The pain is a part of him but he’s already moved past from it. All the while he was saying those things, a tear peeked from his eyes and his voice was breaking which caught the attention of the hosts.

He was comforted and allowed to share what he can only share and according to him, there was this moment in his life when he was almost going to settle down with this person. He already had the ring and the hope of their future together only to find out this person’s betrayal. What was even more painful was that her family knew about it and he was made a fool out of the situation.

When asked how he is as of currently, he expressed that he is now okay and he is giving the credits to his friends and family. They were there to make him feel better and help him move one from that heartbreaking chapter.

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