SB19 Stell: TikTok Influencer Faces Backlash For ‘Face-Shaming’ P-pop Singer

TikTok Influencer Dropped Amid Backlash for ‘Face-Shaming’ SB19 Stell

SB19 STELL – TikTok Influencer Stella Salle faces backlash after posting ‘hate comment’ against SB19’s Stell

Stella Salle rose to TikTok stardom through her comedic portrayal of drunk speech patterns, earning a substantial following and widespread adoration on social media. This popularity caught the attention of Colourette Cosmetics, who appointed her as a brand ambassador, joining other LGBTQ+ members like Sassa Gurl.

The makeup brand is renowned for its commitment to diversity, aiming to instill empowerment, confidence, and beauty in all its users. However, a recent incident stirred controversy when Stella reposted an artist’s photos with the caption “panget” (ugly), sparking outrage among A’TINs (SB19’s fanbase) and prompting demands for an apology from the content creator.

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The extensive backlash, originating not only from fans but also from numerous social media users offended by the post, has drawn the focus of Colourette’s founder, Nina Ellaine. Consequently, the company issued a statement declaring the termination of its endorsement agreement with Stella Salle. This choice stemmed from her actions conflicting with the values upheld by the cosmetic brand.

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Photo Source: Inquirer

According to the statement from the CEO, “Having faced public scrutiny for my appearance, I have always championed self-love and empowerment. Due to recent events with one of our ambassadors, Colourette takes a firm stand against bullying and shaming, and we are disengaging from Stella.”

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Following the backlash for her unwelcome remarks and subsequent criticism from fans and other social media users, Stella Salle issued an apology letter, which she shared on her official TikTok account.

Nevertheless, many contend that the harm has already been inflicted. The influencer’s inappropriate post is especially concerning considering her own claims of being a victim of cyberbullying and face-shaming.

Furthermore, some have highlighted Stella Salle’s status as an influential figure, particularly as a representative of a brand, and assert that she should have exercised greater caution in her social media statements to align with the brand’s values.

Conversely, a social media user took issue with the brand’s swift removal of the influencer as an ambassador. In a widely circulated tweet, he expressed confusion, questioning the need for background checks when selecting ambassadors. He argued that Stella is known for her blunt and opinionated humor.

This controversy underscores the importance for all social media influencers and users to be extra careful in their actions, especially in an era where words can carry significant repercussions.

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