SB19’s Stell Responds to “Panget” Remark By Stella Salle

SB19 Stell, Stella Salle

Here’s SB19’s Stell Reaction to “Panget” Comment from Content Creator Stella Salle SB19 STELL – Stell of P-pop group SB19 responded to “panget” remark by content creator Stella Salle. P-Pop idol Stell Ajero from the boy group SB19 has finally responded to the unprovoked “face-shaming” comments made by content creator Stella Salle on social media. … Read more

SB19 Stell: TikTok Influencer Faces Backlash For ‘Face-Shaming’ P-pop Singer

SB19 Stell, TikTok Influencer Stella Salle

TikTok Influencer Dropped Amid Backlash for ‘Face-Shaming’ SB19 Stell SB19 STELL – TikTok Influencer Stella Salle faces backlash after posting ‘hate comment’ against SB19’s Stell Stella Salle rose to TikTok stardom through her comedic portrayal of drunk speech patterns, earning a substantial following and widespread adoration on social media. This popularity caught the attention of … Read more