Lady Guard Earns Admiration for Working as Delivery Rider in Her Spare Time

Lady Guard Works as Delivery Rider in Her Spare Time to Provide Child’s Necessities

HARDWORKING EMPLOYEE – A lady guard earns admiration online for working as a delivery rider in her spare time.

The Facebook page “Sole-Eater-MNL” shared a story of a lady guard who works as a delivery rider in her spare time. The post quickly circulated online and elicited comments from the internet users.

While having dinner, the uploader noticed an exhausted female delivery rider at a store. The time was nearly 11 PM, and given the hot weather with occasional rain, it was obvious that she had been through a long day.

Lady Guard

After the rider picked up an order and left, the uploader was too shy to approach her directly, so they asked the store staff about her. The staff revealed that she is not only a GrabFood rider but also a security guard in the same area.

The hardworking woman was identified as Mam Liza Cuaresma. She was enduring a demanding 12-hour job as a security guard, which involves standing or walking for long periods, with the physically exhausting work of a food delivery rider truly amazing.

It was learned that Cuaresma does this to provide for her child. Her tireless efforts and determination to make ends meet for her family are both inspiring and humbling.

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The page owner asked the store staff for Mam Liza’s contact information, intending to send her a small tip. They also learned that she often works around Cubao and kindly agreed to help us get in touch with her.

The kind netizen aims to verify if Mam Liza has a GCash account so we can send her a little something to recognize her hard work and dedication.


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Lady Guard

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