Andi Eigenmann Japan Trip With Kids Without Philmar Alipayo

Everything about the Japan trip of Andi Eigenmann with her children.

ANDI EIGENMANN – The Siargao-based vlogger went to Japan with all of her children and this is how it went.

Currently, couple Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo are under hot waters. This is due to the viral video of the professional surfer seemingly “flirting” with another girl. This was the assumption of many people online because of the gestures displayed.

In the viral video of Philmar and the woman, many people commented. Andi also issued a statement after circulated online and in a previous article, the woman named Crissa Liaging clarified what happened.

Amid the loud buzz, Andi uploaded a new video on their channel. It was her trip to Japan with her Eigen fam. She brough all three of her children with her and they explored Osaka and Tokyo. They went to Universal Studios Japan and the children definitely enjoyed the rides there while the adults enjoyed their Harry Potter adventure.

It was accordingly Lilo and Koa’s first time to visit the famous amusement park. They also enjoyed trying Japanese street foods and especially the eats in Dotonbori based on the video.

At that same time, the rumors about Philmar and Andi’s separation emerged and this is because of Philmar’s absence in the Japan trip. Addressing this, Andi said, “I literally just went on a vacation with my brother and our kids, and come home to find out, through the internet, that i’ve just been separated.”

This Japan trip came over a month after Jaclyn Jose died. After her mother died, Andi expressed that would like to focus on her family and “on what’s there and just making the most of our time together”. She was made to realize this after losing her Nanay as such an unexpected time proving yet again that no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

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