Philmar Alipayo Video: Crissa Liaging Clarifies What Happened

Here’s a clarification about the viral Philmar Alipayo Video

Philmar Alipayo Video – Social media personality Crissa Liaging, the woman who was with the partner of celebrity vlogger Andi Eigenmann in a viral video had this clarification.

Philmar’s video with Crissa became controversial when netizens speculated that they were flirting with each other at that time. Crissa was the one who posted the video but she deleted it. However, other social media users were able to screengrab it.

Amid the issue, the social media personality’s initial reaction was indirect. She answered a netizen’s comment telling her not to seduce Philmar. Crissa spoke through her TikTok video that her beauty is nothing compared to Andi’s beauty.

philmar alipayo crissa liaging
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Andi Eigenmann has also reacted to this issue. Through her Instagram Story, she slammed those who put malice into the video. She stressed that her partner could go out and drink once in a while and that he could chat with anyone.

Just recently, Crissa Liaging once again released a TikTok video clarifying what happened at that time. She stressed that nothing happened between her and Philmar Alipayo.

Crissa stressed that the issue circulating on social media is not true. She said that there was no flirting that happened because they were in a public place. The social media personality said that the only negative that she did was that she did not give the appropriate distance between them.

crissa liaging
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She also stressed that she knows Philmar has a family and that she was just overwhelmed that Philmar knew her.

Crissa shared that she and Philmar were just talking about the fellow surfer of Andi’s partner. She also admitted that they were both tipsy but she stressed that they had done nothing wrong.

They bonded with other surfers in the bar and she admitted that they were both tipsy at that time. She also acknowledge that it was her fault why an issue started because she uploaded the video which she could just keep for herself.


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