Philmar Alipayo Viral Video: Woman w/ Andi Eigenmann’s Partner Speaks

Who is the woman who was with Philmar Alipayo in this viral video?

The woman who with surfer Philmar Alipayo in a viral video spoke about being linked to the partner of celebrity vlogger Andi Eigenmann.

Andi has been inactive in showbiz for quite some time now after she decided to live in Siargao with Philmar and their kids. She has become active as a vlogger and product endorser.

Despite being away from showbiz, intrigues come once in a while in their lives. The recent intrigue was that Philmar is being linked to a certain he was talking with in a viral video.

philmar alipayo crissa liaging
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This garnered speculations from netizens that it appeared that Philmar Alipayo was flirting with the woman in the video. With this negative comments surfaced online, especially to the woman.

After the controversy that surfaced because of that viral video, the woman spoke about it. @crissshabibi or Crissa Liaging on TikTok replied to a comment from a netizen telling her not to seduce Philmar. She was speaking in Cebuano. Based on a popular showbiz site, this is the translation of what she said: “Wag nyong lagyan ng issue ang usapan namin ni Philmar, Wala tayo sa kalingkingan ng kagandahan ni Andi.”


Ayaw ninyo butangi ug issue ang pag storya namong philmar wala rata ka kumingking sa ka gwapa ni andi! 🙃

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In her Facebook account, Crissa also answered an art card from a showbiz page. The art card showed screenshots from the video she posted with Philmar. It said that the online community has been talking about the viral video because netizens somehow perceived that there was flirting that happened.

In her response to the issue, Crissa said she would just refrain from talking to anyone because people tend to put an issue.

📷: @crissshabibi / TikTok

On a popular showbiz site, netizens expressed different reactions. Some slammed Crissa and accused her of clout chasing while some netizens admired her beauty. For some netizens, Philmar Alipayo should be criticized because of his supposed “body language.” Here are some comments.

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📷: via FP

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