Coleen Garcia Breaks Silence on Billy Crawford’s Real Health Status amid Speculations

Coleen Garcia Speaks on Health of Husband Billy Crawford

COLEEN GARCIA – The returning actress broke her silence on the real health status of her husband, Billy Crawford, amid the speculations.

In this age of social media, undeniably, the celebrities are more prone to criticisms and speculations of people they don’t even know. There are bashings, negative commentaries, and a lot more that most known personalities receive every day. Recently, the physical appearance of Billy Crawford has earned him a lot of speculations.

Billy Crawford

Billy has a slimmer physique now. Previously, his wife, Coleen, has addressed the speculations saying that celebrities, too, have their version of not being on a showbiz look where everything is okay.

However, it seems that a lot of critics of Billy Crawford won’t stop in making speculations against the TV host. Recently, Coleen Garcia broke her silence on the real health status of her husband amid the countless speculations on social media.

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Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Coleen Garcia expressed that Billy Crawford is more than okay and he is “healthier than ever”. On her husband having a slimmer physique now, the returning actress said that he has stopped all his vices.

“Pero kahit noon pa, si Billy talaga may dark circles, and ‘yung hair niya medyo nauubos na,” she said.

Coleen stressed that she and Billy are being honest and she hopes that the people will respect what they say. She assured that they will not lie in case there is a health problem. According to her, his physical appearance may also be the result of his hectic work schedule.

“He’s healthier than ever,” the actress said.

Based on the article, Coleen Garcia revealed that Billy Crawford may also be stressed at work as he frequently travels abroad for his international shows like in the United States and France. She acknowledged that her husband is doing a tough job as he has to leave the country every time for several shows.

The busy schedule of the TV host-dancer also includes his The Voice Philippines commitment. For her part, the actress is returning to the entertainment field after a quite long pause from doing shows to take care of their son, Amari.

Meanwhile, Coleen said that she is ready for baby number two in case she and Billy will be blessed with another baby. Their eldest baby boy is now four (4) years old and the public gush for how handsome he is.

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