Billy Crawford Received Praise From Sarah Geronimo

billy crawford sarah geronimo

Billy Crawford became a trending topic on social media Singer-host Billy Crawford received praise from Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo during their guesting on It’s Showtime. Billy and Sarah paved the way for their successful careers as performers through their talents and hard work. They are among the most admired artists in the Philippine entertainment industry … Read more

Vice Ganda Admits Why He Almost Did Not Attend Billy Crawford-Coleen Garcia’s Wedding

Vice Ganda, Billy Crawford-Coleen Garcia Wedding

Vice Ganda Speaks on Experience Prior to Billy Crawford-Coleen Garcia’s Wedding Vice Ganda revealed why he almost ditched the wedding of his Showtime co-hosts Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. It’s Showtime one of the longest-running television series in the Philippines for decades. Since 2014 when it aired its pilot episode, the show continues to bring … Read more

Photos From Diego Loyzaga & Alexis Suapengco’s Daughter Hailey’s 1st Birthday Party, Christening Go Viral

Diego Loyzaga, Alexis Suapengco 1

Diego Loyzaga & Alexis Suapengco Celebrate Daughter Hailey’s 1st Birthday & Christening DIEGO LOYZAGA – Photos from actor Diego Loyzaga and yoga instructor Alexis Suapengco’s daughter Hailey’s first birthday party and Christening went viral. Last year, actor Diego Loyzaga announced that he had become a father to a beautiful baby girl. He shared this joyful … Read more

Coleen Garcia On Having A Second Baby

Coleen Garcia

This is what Coleen Garcia said about this matter. Actress-model Coleen Garcia has this to say when asked about having another baby after Amari, who will turn four years old soon. Amari is the toddler of singer Billy Crawford and actress Coleen Garcia. He is turning four years old soon and he is definitely a … Read more