Senate Panel Issues Arrest Order For Pastor Quiboloy, Here’s Why

Senate Panel Orders Arrest Order for Pastor Quiboloy Over Failure to Attend Probe on Alleged Crimes

PASTOR QUIBOLOY – The Senate panel orders an arrest order for religious leader Pastor Apollo Quiboloy over failure to attend a probe on alleged crimes.

The Senate panel on women issued an order for the arrest of religious leader Apollo Quiboloy on Tuesday, as he failed to attend the chamber’s inquiry into his alleged offenses. During the Senate’s hearing on Tuesday, Senator Risa Hontiveros proposed to hold Quiboloy in contempt and urged the issuance of an arrest warrant against the controversial religious leader.

In accordance with Section 18 of the Senate Rules, Hontiveros, as the committee chair, with the agreement of one other member, declared Apollo Carreon Quiboloy in contempt for his refusal to be sworn in or testify during the investigation.

Pastor Quiboloy

Hontiveros said, “Pursuant to Section 18 of the Rules of the Senate, as chair of the Committee, with the concurrence of one member here with me, I cite in contempt Apollo Carreon Quiboloy for his refusal to be sworn or to testify before this investigation. This committee requests the Senate President to order his arrest so that he may be brought to testify.”

Hontiveros’ action was expected, as she had previously warned Quiboloy to attend the investigation or face arrest.

Despite receiving two subpoenas from the Senate to appear at the hearing, Quiboloy ignored both orders, citing threats to his life as the reason for his evasion.

In a letter to Hontiveros’s office, Quiboloy’s representatives argued that subpoenaing the religious leader violated his constitutional rights.

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Quiboloy claimed in February that the United States was collaborating with the Philippine government to have him eliminated.

Quiboloy now alleges that the CIA, FBI, US embassy, and US Department of State are collaborating with President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and First Lady Liza Marcos to carry out a “rendition on him.”

According to Quiboloy, rendition means that officials could enter his compound and abduct him at any time.

However, Quiboloy asserts that it’s not just rendition but also elimination, claiming that arresting officials would “assassinate” him if given the chance.

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