“Confidential Funds” Clear as Mud to Filipinos — PH Gov’t Must Explain

Confidential Funds

The Filipino people is visibly divided by the confidential funds controversy showing a dire need for the Philippine government to make a pressing move. Countless issues are going in the Philippines now. One of those that has ignited different reactions from the public is about the controversial “transfer” of the funds from the Office of … Read more

Bongbong Marcos P20 Rice: A Mere Campaign Promise?

bongbong marcos p20 rice

What happened to Bongbong Marcos’ P20 rice price promise? Bongbong Marcos P20 Rice – The 17th President of the Philippines promised the Filipino people that he would bring down the rice price to only 20 pesos. Is this another case of “promises are made to be broken?” Rice is the staple food of Filipinos. Every … Read more

President Marcos Still Trusts Tourism Secretary Amid “Love Philippines” Issue

President Marcos

Amid the “Love Philippines” debacle, President Marcos still trusts Tourism chief Frasco. PRESIDENT MARCOS – Controversial ‘Love the Philippines’ slogan stays so is the trust of President Marcos to Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco. The Department of Tourism (DOT) is keeping the “Love the Philippines” slogan. This is amid the issue regarding the stock footage of … Read more

VIDEO: Bongbong Marcos Unfazed During 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake

Bongbong Marcos, Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake

Bongbong Marcos Appears Unfazed By Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake During Interview BONGBONG MARCOS – President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. appeared unfazed by the magnitude 6.2 earthquake. According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 occurred on Thursday in Batangas. The location of the epicenter was determined to be … Read more

Ted Herbosa: Who Is Bongbong Marcos’ New DOH Chief?

Ted Herbosa, President Bongbong Marcos 2

Bongbong Marcos Jr. Chose Ted Herbosa As New Department of Health (DOH) Secretary TED HERBOSA – President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. finally chose his DOH secretary almost a year into his term. President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has selected a Secretary in the Department of Health (DOH) almost a year after taking office. Malacaang stated … Read more

King Charles III Has Message For Filipinos After Coronation

King Charles III 1

Here’s King Charles III’s Message To Filipinos After Coronation KING CHARLES III – Britain’s King Charles III delivered a message to Filipinos after the coronation. The people in the United Kingdom once again saw the crowning of British royalty after many years. King Charles III was recently crowned as the new monarch of the United … Read more

Ex-President Duterte Admits There’s Abuse During “War on Drugs”

Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte Admits Abuse During “War on Drugs” Campaign RODRIGO DUTERTE – The ex-president admitted that there was abuse during his administration’s “war on drugs” campaign. In an SMNI television interview, Duterte did not refute President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s claim that there was abuse in some government departments during his administration’s drug war. He … Read more