Groom Leaves Bride After Wedding Reception

Groom Leaves Bride After Wedding Reception Due to Heated Argument

WEDDING MISHAP – A frustrated groom leaves the bride right after the reception due to a heated argument on their wedding day.

Recently, a wedding in Visayas elicited reactions online after a newlywed couple had a heated argument on their wedding day, each claiming different reasons for the quarrel. The bride reportedly refused to accompany the groom, insisting on not leaving her mother alone.

The bride revealed that the groom disappeared suddenly after their wedding reception. The incident caught the attention of the online community after it was reported via Facebook on February 26, 2024.

Wedding Reception

A relative defended the groom’s actions claiming that the bride shouldn’t get married if she’s afraid to be taken by her husband home. The latter pities her nephew for spending a huge amount of cash even during the engagement.

The relative shared that the groom’s family traveled from Pamplona, Negros Oriental, to the bride’s family in Bairan. The latter lambasted the woman’s mom who wouldn’t allow her daughter to join her husband because she’ll be left alone.

The bride’s relatives allegedly waited for her, but she wasn’t allowed by her mother to join them.

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“Natatawa na lang ako sa ina nung babae na ayaw payagan ang anak niyang sumama sa asawa niya dahil mag-isa na lamang daw ito. Baka gusto din niya sumama sa lalaki para may kasama ang anak niya,” the relative said.

The woman responded to allegations that she refused to accompany her husband, stating that she wanted to attend to their guests first, but the groom couldn’t wait and left without her.

“Pagkatapos kumain, sasama ako pauwi. Ngunit, nag-alala talaga ako dahil iniwan na niya ako, hindi man lang nagpaalam sa akin,” the bride said.

However, it remains unclear whether they will reconcile or ultimately separate, but it seems they are not yet ready for married life.

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Wedding Reception

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