Male Beggar Buys Expensive Car Worth P1.5-M Through Alms

Male Beggar Exposed After Buying Expensive Car Worth P1.5-M Through Alms

A male beggar from Pahang, Malaysia was exposed after he was caught owning a luxury sports utility vehicle worth P1.5 million.

The social welfare department (JKM) in Maran district, Pahang, uncovered the scheme of this beggar during an operation at the Sri Jaya night market. According to reports, numerous residents had filed complaints about beggars in the area. JKM Maran officials immediately take action.

Based on social media reports, the 45-year-old beggar, identified as a person with disabilities (PWD), had short hands concealed in a paper bag, where he collected alms. He was dressed in a gray robe and a Muslim skull cap.

Male Beggar

In a Facebook post by JKM Maran’s social welfare department, it was mentioned that the latter was holding a paper bag, asking for sympathy from passers-by. Both of the man’s hands appeared small unlike those of a normal human.

JKM staff attempted to approach the man, but he remained silent, leading them to believe he might be mute and deaf. However, to their surprise, he suddenly spoke when asked for identification.

The man claimed to have left his ID in his car, which further astounded the JKM officials. More surprisingly, in front of them stood a Proton X70 SUV, priced between 123,800 to 128,000 Malaysian Ringgit (RM) or around P1.4 to P1.5 million in Philippine Peso.

Male Beggar

The unnamed beggar reportedly earns around 5,800 Malaysian Ringgit daily. He also earns an addition 5,000 Ringgit from the social welfare department due to his disability.

The man allegedly stated that a large portion of his earnings from begging goes towards paying for his expensive car. He was not immediately charged as it was his first offense, but he was warned against begging on the streets again.

Male Beggar

In another post, netizen “nagreklamo” after giving entire salary to beggar he assumed to be a vlogger

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Male Beggar

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